10 #DIY Tips And Tricks To Help Make Your Life Easier




Here is a list of 10 DIY tips and tricks to make your life easier!

               1. To preheat pizza without getting the crust soggy. Place piece of pizza in a non-stick skillet and heat on low until warm.


                2.  Divide leftover soup into muffin tins. Makes a perfect individual servings that you can just pop out and heat whenever you want them.



                 3. Need to hang a picture but there is nothing on the back to hang it from?  Take a tab from a soda can and attach it to the frame with a screw and hang the picture.



                4.Use a Lazy Susan in your fridge to organize your condiments. This will keep things from getting lost in the back of your fridge

                5. Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your paint. (1 tablespoon per gallon) It will not affect the paint but will mask the paint fumes and have your home smelling like vanilla.

                6. Tired of stopping at every floor every time you use the elevator? Hold the close door button and hold it while pressing your floor number. This will allow you to skip all floors and go right to yours.



                 7. Remove scruff marks on your floors with a dry tennis ball.

                 8. When packing liquids for your trip, (shampoo, lotion etc. ) screw lid off and place a piece of wrap plastic over the opening and screw lid back on. The plastic wrap will keep the liquid from spilling even if the lid pops open.

                9.  Rubbing butter at the edge of brick cheese will seal it and prevent it from molding.

               10. When cutting veggies or meat for recipes, use a pizza cutter. It will save more time then using a knife.




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  1. Edwina Donovan
    July 4, 2014 / 6:42 pm
    awesome, I need to have an easier life :)
  2. Treen Goodwin
    August 3, 2014 / 1:29 pm
    wow awesome ideas thanks so much for sharing , this would make things a lot easier :)

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