10 Ways to Minimize Your Food Costs #Frugal



With the price of food going up and our wallets going down, here are some ways to minimize your food costs. canadian basics

1. Cook from scratch

I understand sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. What I do for those times is I have foods frozen that we enjoy in the freezer. You can cook up big batches and freeze it that way if you don’t want to cook you can pull out a freezer meal, pop it in the oven and enjoy! Now that’s not saying you can’t use premade food like can soups or frozen meals but purchase them on coupons to get more for your buck.

2. Have a meatless meal

Use beans, tofu, lentils in place of meat for a meal. Have fun experimenting with new meals to have. You might find you want it more than one night a week!

3. Buy in Bulk (on sale of course) or buy several items at sale price

Bulk buying is great if on sale. I will also use the Bulk Barn coupons. Another way to save is buying several items on sale. Is something normally $3 but you can get it for $1? Purchase several of them if you use them. That way you always have some on hand. I do this with cake mixes. I wait until they are $1 and I buy 10 of them. It allows me to always have something available for my kid’s lunches or snacks.


4.Shop with a list

Plan your meal plan. Figure out what you need to make your meals for a certain amount of weeks. I usually go by 2 weeks. So I plan our meals for two weeks and try to stick on that list. I also list any sales I wish to pick up by going through the flyers and coupons. It is a lot of planning but it saves money in the end.

5. Buy vegetables in season

Buying in season allows you to get better value. Farmers stands are also a better value for your buck. You can buy big amounts and freeze them to last you during the winter for stews, soups and pasta sauce.

6. Look at discounted section at your fruit/vegetable area in your grocery store

Discounted vegetables/fruits area is a great way to pick up fruits and vegetables for half the price they regularly cost.  You can see them before you get them and usually they are fine to use right away. Great for using for supper that night or for freezer meals that you are doing.

7. Regrow your own vegetables and fruit with a greenhouse

I have just started this step. With the fact that fruit and vegetables are costly, I have decided to do it through a greenhouse. Mike and I have been building it and it should be finished soon. It is quite easy to build your own and if you have the room it is a great addition to your backyard. You can also purchase them premade.

8. Regrow Your Scraps

If you don’t have a room for a greenhouse or garden, another thing you can do is regrow your scraps. CLICK HERE to see what scraps you can use to regrow your vegetables from!

9.Shop near closing time at markets.

At closing time of markets bake goods are usually marked down to a cheaper price. Buy fresh bread and use that for making stuffing etc. Freeze the bread for later use.

10. Clearance areas

Always check your clearance areas of stores. Make sure you have your coupons with you! (Go to our sister site Coupon Nannie to find out what coupons are HOT right now HERE)



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