25 Random Act of Kindness for the Holidays


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The holiday season is upon us and it is a great time to do some random acts of kindness. (I do it all year long but I know that the holidays helps us to think about others.)

It brightens someone’s day when we do small acts of kindness and even brightens your own day by doing it.

If someone does a random act of kindness to you, remember to always pay it forward!

A list of random acts of kindness

Here is a list of 25 Random Acts of Kindness for the Holidays that you can do. 

  1. Go through the Drive Thru in Tim Horton’s and pay for the order behind you. It will make someone’s day. (Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks if you are in the States)
  2. Help shovel your neighbours walkway and sidewalk. Also salt the stairs and walkway.
  3. Bake some deserts and send it and a card to a neighbour.
  4. Pick a name off the angel tree and donate a toy. (This is great to do with your children)
  5. Purchase pet supplies and drop it off at the animal shelter.
  6. Purchase socks and gloves and stop by the Men’s Mission or Women’s Shelter and donate them.
  7. Sign your donor card. (I am living proof that this is a great act of kindness.)
  8. See a person purchasing a product? Give them a coupon to help lower the cost.
  9. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  10. Donate to the food bank things that you have in your cupboards.
  11. Send a random gift card in the mail to someone you know.
  12. Make freezer meals for a mom who is about to give birth or a new mom who is still trying to get use to a having a new baby. They will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about supper for a few nights.
  13. Send a just because card in the mail for someone. Just letting them know that you are thinking of them and wishing them well is a sweet gesture.
  14. Bundle up the kids and go door to door singing Christmas Carols.
  15. Make an envelope of coupons of items you know someone uses and mail it to them.
  16. If your school has a breakfast club or snack club, find out what they need for it and donate some items.
  17. Surprise the teachers with a Tim Horton’s coffee box and a box of Tim Horton’s Tea for them to enjoy.
  18. Give your change to the Salvation Army kettle.
  19. Give your bus driver some bake goods and a card thanking them.
  20. Smile at people. Just something as a smile can make people feel good!
  21. If someone is trying to get out of a driveway. Stop your car and let them come out.
  22. Send a random text to a friend or family member to brighten their day. I often look up an inspirational meme or funny one to make them laugh if they are going through a tough time.
  23. Volunteer at your child’s school or offer to help with a local youth group.
  24. Donate to your favourite charity.
  25. If your friend is going through a tough time, show up with a cup of coffee or bring them some flowers so they will smile and lend a ear.


Pay It Forward

What Random Acts of Kindness do you like doing? 

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62 thoughts on “25 Random Act of Kindness for the Holidays”

  1. I just bought some of the pre-packed non-perishable food bags at walmart and donated them to the local food bank :) also, smiling is something everyone can afford and should be doing, so this will definitely be done!
  2. In November we went to a local aid agency and got non-identifying information about 2 seniors who each live alone and who don't have family members living close by. We are making up a basket and food hamper for each of them and will be delivering next week.
  3. I paid for the order behind me at Tim Hortons the other day. I also have a friend going through a separation..her kids go to school and had no lunch snacks, i asked her to come over I spent the day baking snacks for the kids
  4. This is a great list. We donate to the House of Blessing. I also took food, coupons, litter to the Feline Friends Network last week.
  5. last year we had a live nativity scene where people could come no charge, to see the lights and the animals...we accepted can goods for the local food bank
  6. this is a great post..and reminds us that its not about the shopping and gifts..its about doing good deeds for others...some great suggestions...thanks for sharing it..
  7. I truly believe in spreading joy and how that comes back to you... I spent the last few days making care packages for the local homeless shelter (bags containing warm socks, mittens, bus tickets, shampoo, soap, bandages, etc.).
  8. I love spreading happiness,afterall thats what its all about.This year we made it a family affair to help rescued animals in our community by donating recycles,20 homemade blankets for cages and beds along with items for auctions and 25 vases filled with womans goodies for tickets.
  9. I do #9 quite a bit, especially if they have a few items and I have a full cart and #20 I'm always smiling and saying hello, drives my daughters nuts!!
  10. Thanks so much for the ideas for RAOKs. I just had a friend that died and in lue of flowered the family asked that we do a RAOK in her memory which I though was so nice.
  11. Nice list! I would love for people to come caroling around my place. I have yet to see it ever happen in real life. It would be so fun and christmassy - I'd hand out hot chocolate haha.
  12. Such a nice idea, I got two kids toys for hubby to donate to the toy drive where he works we also donate to the Salvation Army every year as that is such a great charity!
  13. I see a homeless man the other day digging in a dumpster and bought him a big mac meal at Mc Donalds he was so thankful to me for it and I also gave him a toonie to get a coffee later on when he needs a hot drink
  14. Today, I overheard a lady mention she just lost her mother 3 days ago. I was feeling kind of emotional myself that day. I offered to give her a hug and she accepted. I told her I lost me mom 3 years ago and I know how much it is rough. She mentions how it's really rough because of the timing. She seems to genuinely appreciate it. If there were more obvious homeless around here I would buy them food. I haven't really noticed any here in Ajax though.
  15. I go through my clothes at this time of year and donate what I've outgrown or don't wear. I also donate to food banks and put a gift for a child under the wish tree.
  16. If I had time,I would try to volunteer over the holidays. I think donations to the Syrian refugees is a good way of welcoming them this year.
  17. Love the "Random acts of kindness" and do small acts all the time. If more people did them it would be a much happier world.
  18. I went a bought a few things for a senior at the Ltc center that I work at, he has no family that lives close by to visit. So he has something to open on Christmas Day.
  19. I have donated 30 items of food to the foodbank, a toy for the toy drive, donated $100 for a internet peers dog (vet bill) and sponsored a family for the holidays. My heart is full this holiday season.
  20. I have driven my neighbor for groceries, Christmas shopping, etc. She had her knee replaced. I also took care of her dog for 1 month.
  21. On Friday I paid a mans fare at the subway. On December 23 I'm donating blood.949TheRock.fm had a "give a senior a Christmas" event
  22. These are great ideas! I always try to give even more food to the food banks during the holidays. And I love the first one too - I love how when someone starts it, it can go on and on.
  23. Wonderful ideas! I always donate clothing and items to a charity that goes up to some very small rural communities that don't have access to these items easily!
  24. Great ideas, I'm in the process of finding warm clothes, in good condition, I don't need to take to the thrift shop. The food bank in my small town is in need too.
  25. I totally Love these's suggestions and will be sharing on my wall! Such a simple easy way to help others =) Love it =) Thank you posted and Merry Christmas =)
  26. I perform random acts of kindness almost every time I go out. I have already done several items listed, and this list just gives me more ideas. Thank you for posting it!
  27. I adopted 4 families from the Salvation Army Christmas drive. You provide presents, non perishable food items and gift cards for the rest of the food that will be needed. It's a big undertaking, but at least I know I made some very happy people this Christmas.

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