4 Uses for Toothpaste #Reuse #Reduce #Toothpaste

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Toothpaste is something most of us who coupon have a lot in our home. Did you know toothpaste does more then clean teeth and freshen your breath? Here are some of the uses for toothpaste!tooth

  1. Clean up Kool-aid stains! I don’t know about you but these stains often happen in my home. Especially because my children will get a glass of Kool-Aid and not clean up a spill. I am forever scrubbing them. Well here’s an easier way! Dab toothpaste on a damp paper towel and it cleans up the countertop perfectly of these stains! 

  2. Cleans spots on shoes. If you have scruff marks on your shoes use a dab of toothpaste on a wet cloth and it would help clean it up. For harder stains use a small brush like a toothbrush to clean them up! 

  3. Soothes pain for minor burns. If you don’t have any polysporin for burns then use toothpaste to soothe the burn. 

  4. Soothes bug bites and minor skin rashes. Just dab a little bit on where it is bugging you. (keep away from your eyes and open cuts as it will sting) It will give you relief. (mint works best)

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