5 Haunted Places in Canada


5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky

With Halloween coming up soon, I thought it would be good to share 5 haunted places in Canada. I have never visited a haunted place but some like to go there for a scare. I am too much of a chicken to go to those places. But here are the top five that I found that if you want a good scare, these might be the places you will want to venture.

1. Banff Springs Hotel (Banff) ~ An anonymous young bride, who died of a broken neck on her wedding day in 1932, has also reportedly been seen by patrons within these grounds. Dressed in her wedding gown, she was      descending a staircase. She tripped on her gown and fell down the stairs. Her ghost can reportedly be seen dancing alone in the dining room, only to burst into flames. The apparitional resident is reportedly a former   employee of the hotel. A bellhop who died after announcing his retirement in 1976, Sam Macauley, has lived on in the eyes of some guests and hotel staff members who claim to have seen visions of the man in full uniform,helping out guests just as if he had never left. They have reported sightings of a bartender’s ghost telling customers that they have drank too much and need to go to bed. An apparition of a headless male bagpiper  has been occasionally haunting here.

5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky

2. British Columbia Penitentiary (New Westminster) ~ The former penitentiary was active for 102 years,until decommissioned in the 80’s. Not much of the building is left, save for the Boot Hill graveyard. But,         in the neighbourhood of apartments and homes on its former location, there are reported hauntings. Slamming doors, phantoms, bizarre weather, have been reported. In Boot Hill, hidden near a ravine, 47             men are buried. Its location is near to the memorial for the Woodlands Institution graveyard

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3. Fort Garry Hotel ~ The most notorious level of this hotel is the second floor which locates Room 202. Guests to the room have reported waking up to find the dark silhouette of a figure in a robe or cloak standing at the end of the bed, which vanished before their eyes. There are also stories of maids cleaning the room reporting blood seeping from the walls. This was the location of the rumored suicide of a woman named Kate because she learned that her newly wed husband lost his life in an automobile accident. Though something of a focal point for the reports of paranormal activity on the floor, the entire second floor has something of a ghostly reputation. Other reports have a woman in a ball gown appearing at the foot of a bed or wandering the hotel’s hallways. In 1989, an employee         reported seeing an apparitional figure named Theodore sitting at a table in the dining room, busily consuming away at a ghostly meal and apparently unaware of the employee’s presence. This man visited many times because he was in love with the lounge singer. He was shot in the back of the head by his brother because they both loved the same woman. Employees also report strange moaning noises that seem to echo from nowhere and a phantom light is said to be sighted floating down the halls  throughout the hotel. For the most part, the claims of haunted activity throughout the hotel seem to indicate a friendly presence of some bygone customer enjoying their stay in the afterlife.

5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky


4. Keg Mansion (Toronto) ~ Today, it’s one of many locations of the Keg steakhouse franchise, but the Keg Mansion was once the private residence of industrialist Hart Massey and his family. As the story goes in 1915, after the death of Massey’s beloved only daughter, Lillian, one of the maids was so stricken by  grief  that she hung herself. Another version of the story involves the maid killing herself for fears her of the truth that she had an affair with a Massey man would be revealed. Either way, the ghostly image of a maid hanging by her neck has been seen by more than one Keg visitor over the years.

5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky


5. Five Fisherman Restaurant (Halifax) ~ The building was built in the 1800s and housed two schools and a mortuary. The mortuary laid to rest some victims of the Titanic and of the Halifax Explosion. Paranormal         activities include sinks turning on and off all by themselves, swinging doors opening and closing by themselves, table glasses and knives flying to the floor and sightings of anonymous apparitions coming down the staircase. Other paranormal activities are ghostly sightings about strange events such as water taps, lights and stoves being turned on and off by themselves, taps on the shoulder, and glasses flying off shelves are a regular occurrences. The specters seem to focus on employees working after business hours, but recently the numbers of sightings have grown to include patrons. There are also unexpected cold sections of this restaurant. 5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky


Happy Halloween From Basically Speaking

5 Haunted Places in Canada #Halloween #HauntedCanada #Canada #Spooky





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