A Beginner's Guide To The Airmiles Program

Air Miles

A Guide to Air Miles

Air Miles is one of the very first rewards program in Canada that most Canadian’s register for first ! I don’t travel so why do I need an Air Miles card; don’t let the name fool you. Air Miles has added tons of new ways to earn Air Miles and many options for redeeming your miles.

Why join Air Miles?

  • It’s Free. Register here for free !
  • You can redeem for free stuff
  • You can swipe in store to redeem instantly (just like cash)
  • You can receive additional discounts & bonuses from your favourite retailers.
  • You can receive exclusive coupons not only from Air Miles but retailers too; that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • You can participate in exclusive contests & giveaways.

How can I earn Air Miles?

  • You can earn X amount of Air Miles per $X amount spent and a long list of retailers found in your community; you can see a list here. Starts at $10 = 1 Air Mile and varies
  • You can earn X amount of Air Miles per $X amount spent and a long list of online retailers found here. Starts at $10 = 1 Air Mile and varies
  • You can earn a set amount of Air Miles at selected pharmacies on your prescriptions even if you have a $0 co pay. Normally you get a one time Air Miles bonus for getting your prescriptions and than you earn 3 Air Miles for each filled prescription regardless of the price.
  • You can earn Air Miles by participating in market research & surveys from a wide variety of sources.

What can I redeem Air Miles for?

  • Groceries, Gas & Pharmacy purchases
  • Gift Certificates, Entertainment tickets & HUGE discounts
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Fly Free, Hotels, Car Rentals
  • Unique Options depending on the province you reside in

What is Gold Status?

Gold status is a status that you achieve on Air Miles when you support 5 different sponsors and achieve 1000 Air Miles withing a calendar year (You do not need to save them up until you have 1000; as long as you earned 1000 during the calendar year), the following year you will have Gold Status and be eligible for additional discounts, discounted redemption amounts and much more!

What’s the easiest way to earn Air Miles with spending the less out of your pocket?

  • Watch for Air Miles Bonus opportunities on Air Miles.
  • Register for free to complete market research & Surveys
  • Use coupons when making purchases; Air Miles are calculated on pre coupon price.
  • Watch for Bonus Air Miles with purchase or bonus Air Miles coupons.

Market Research & Survey Opportunities

  • Research Now’s AIR MILES® Opinions Panel – You receive emails with survey opportunities. It tells you right up front how many reward miles and how long the survey will take so you can decide if it’s worth your time. Air Miles from completed surveys are automatically credited to your Air Miles account. No need to redeem 🙂
  • Leger Web A great survey site where you can redeem as low as $20 or 20 Air Miles. You choose what option best fits your needs. There are also various giveaways monthly to score up to 1000 Air Miles.
  • iSay A long time survey site that gives you the option to redeem for cash or Air Miles.
  • Web Perspectives Another great research company that gives you the options for cash or Air Miles when you redeem for surveys.

Great Resources

Points.com – You can track all your loyalty programs and trade and exchange points between programs. Sell, Trade, Buy and more Air Miles and other rewards.

Hudson Bay– Set up automatic redemption to turn your Hudson Bay points (previously HBC points) into Air Miles.

Popular Retail Sponsors (please check your area as some offers vary between provinces)

  • Nova Scotia Liquor Store
  • Sobeys
  • The Children’s Place
  • Metro
  • Shell
  • Global Pets

Popular Online Retail Sponsors

  • Indigo
  • Ebay
  • Amazon.ca

This is a great introduction to the Air Miles program. It’s a great way to start off your account and start building miles for a huge holiday redemption 🙂 Stay tuned for more great ways to earn Air Miles, Bonuses, Tips & Step by step to building your account.

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