Persian Sensitive Skin Formula Review & Giveaway!

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I was offered to do another waxing review. I jumped at the chance to try a couple of different products from the Perisan-Luxurious hair removal for sensitive skin.


I received I parcel with Persian Cold Wax~ Sensitive Skin Formula  and Persian Wax Strips – For Sensitive Skin.

If I had any questions I could contact 1-888-986-9974 for the Customer Care Line. I love it when products have help available if you need it for using their products. It makes it easier for customers to try new products if they can get help when they need it!

I must say I love the sophisticated look of the packaging. Unlike a lot of containers in the bathroom, this looks very classy sitting up on your counter.

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The Persian Cold Wax is an All-Natural sugar based hair removal! It is only made of 3 basic ingredients of sugar, lemon and water! And it has remained unchanged since 1970!


Since it is all natural it is great for people who have sensitive or allergic skin.

When I tried it I placed it in the microwave for 10 seconds to heat it up. (you can also heat under a lamp)

I spread it on the area of my leg and used the re-useable fabric strips on top of the wax and pulled up.

It is amazing how it doesn’t hurt me. And so easy to do! When I am done, all I have to do is wash the strips with warm water and they come clean. Then hang them to dry until the next time! I love how they are re-useable!


The Persian Wax Strips are my favourite for when I don’t have a lot of time. They come already pre-waxed so all I had to do was warm them up in my hands and then place them where I want them on my skin and remove unwanted hair.

It was so easy and quick! I loved them!

No matter which one you use, always make sure you use the Aftercare Oil in your kit when you are done. To help soothe and clean the skin!

Persian Wax is offering one lucky Canadian Basics fan a chance to win what I reviewed. One Persian Cold Wax and One Persian Wax Strips package! Enter below in the rafflecopter form.

Giveaway ends Feb. 14/14 and is open to all Canadian Residents 18+

Good Luck!



Fun Fact: The centuries-old formula for Persian Cold Wax has never been altered since they started making it in the kitchen of their founder Azar Moayeri 30 years ago. Azar’s son remembers watching Scooby Doo while packing the jars into boxes as a kid so his mom could go out and sell it in the local stores the following morning!

It is amazing how far this product has come!

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Just' A Drop Review and Giveaway! #win #contest

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I have to admit, I have never tried Just’a Drop before. So when I was offered to do a review , I was looking forward to it!

I am someone who buys a lot of items to make my house smell fresh.






When the package arrived I received one 15 ml Refreshing Spring, one 15 ml Eucalyptus and one 6ml  Floral Oasis and a bottle holder.



I tried the Refreshing Spring in the upstairs bathroom and the Eucalyptus in the downstairs bathroom at first.

I have to say for a little drop the smell is a perfect amount! I really thought I would need more then a drop. I didn’t believe a drop would make wonderful flower scent noticeable but it did!

The next day I tried the Floral Oasis in the downstairs bathroom. When you see this little bottle you think to yourself “This wont last long” but you really only need “Just’a Drop” and it is a perfect amount of floral scent! I am going to bring this little bottle with me when we travel to Vegas. I bet it will make the whole room smell like flowers, from the bathroom.  (Instead of the normal musty hotel smell)

I use the handy stand to place in a new scent each day.

The great thing about Just’a Drop is I can use it after I dump my drain can for my dialysis. (For those that don’t know, I do dialysis in my home nightly, on a PD machine) My drain can is from my machine after a night of dialysis and is all the toxins from my body. It isn’t a pretty smell. Now with Just’a Drop it gets rid of that smell!

I will be getting Just’a Drop again for our household!


To purchase Just’a Drop for yourself , you can CLICK HERE and go and buy your own, or CLICK HERE to locate where they are sold.


One lucky fan on Canadian Basics will have a chance to win 3 x 15ml assorted scents that I  received plus a 6 ml bottle of eucalyptus and 10 single use pouches from Just’a Drop! Good Luck!


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Just’a Drop Facebook CLICK HERE

Just’a Drop Twitter  CLICK HERE

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Lakota Back Pain Combo Pack Giveaway

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Do you suffer from back pain?

Have you tried Lakota?

When it comes to pain relief, trust Lakota to quickly, effectively, and naturally relieve your pain.

pain pills

pain roll

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Lakota is a blend of traditional herbal medicines: white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw; combined with modern, natural ingredients: glucosamine and type II collagen.

An all natural source medicine that works!!

Lakota helps with:

Arthritis pain

Back pain

Muscle pain

Sleep aids

Diabetic pain

Canine Joint pain

You can purchase Lakota products HERE 

Lakota on Facebook CLICK HERE

Lakota on Twitter CLICK HERE 


Lakota is offering one lucky Canadian Basics fan a Back Pain Combo Pack ( includes 1 Back Pain Roll On, 1 Triple Action Back Pain Caps, and 1 Joint Care 60s Caps) Good Luck!

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Gemini Creations Giveaway

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Gemini Creations is one stop shop for GREAT gifts for everyone!

They make make handmade jewelery, knitted and crocheted items, all natural lip balm and crocheted photography props.



An Canadian small business that has items for every budget and any age group!

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Gemini Creations offering one lucky Canadian Basics fan their choice of necklaces between the Believe/Star necklace or the personalized Name necklace !

Enter in the Valentine’s Day Giveaway for your chance to win!

Gemini Creations Facebook CLICK HERE

If you want to purchase an item from Gemini Creations Etsy Shop CLICK HERE

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WOW! SwiPets Review and Giveaway!! If You Have A #Cat, Check This Out!

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I was happy to be asked to do a review about SwiPets!

We have a long haired Siamese named Coco and her hair gets EVERYWHERE!




Before it came I watched the videos on the site.

It was amazing what this SwiPets glove could do!

  • Reduced dander and allergens from the home (which was a big plus to me because Spencer (my 9 year old) is allergic to cats. (we just found out this summer)

  • Pick up cat hair from hard to reach areas (like down inside couches etc.) thanks to the versatile design.

  • Machine washable! Could be used over and over again!

  • So simple to use, my kids could use it to help.

You can check out the videos HERE to see more demonstrations of what the SwiPets glove can do!


When it arrived I tried it on Mike’s chair. Coco sleeps on that chair when Mike is gone. I think she misses him and that’s her way of being close to him.

So I put the glove on. It fit my hand perfectly.

Ran the glove along where she sleeps in the chair and in between the cushion and the side of the recliner.

I was impressed! I really didn’t think there was hair down the side but it picked it up!

And when I was done, all I had to do was throw it in the machine to clean it so I could reuse it again! This should help calm Spencer’s allergies to cats.

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If you have a cat or a long haired dog, this is a must need in your home!

You can purchase the SwiPets gloves HERE

As part of our BIG Valentine’s Day Giveaway on Canadian Basics and Coupon Nannie,

SwiPets is offering our fans a chance to win one (1) white double pack glove pack!!

Contest ends on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14/14)

Be sure to thank them for sponsoring this great contest!

Can’t wait for the contest to see if you win? You can use the following coupon
code: LUVSWIPETS and you will receive 20%
off each item you order from the store at

Good Luck!!


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