Pokemon Go Ball Cookies



Pokemon Ball Cookies are a great for those who love Pokemon, play Pokemon games like Pokemon Go or for those that want to make a fun treat for a child’s party. Your family will love these cookies.

This great recipe comes from my friend over at My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings. 

This recipe is great for birthday parties or class treats. Your children will love these cookies.

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Eating healthier is something we should all be doing. It doesn’t have to be boring doing it either, with a great recipes like this one.

My friend at Road to Living Whole, has offered to share her Vegan + Paleo Stuffed Winter Squash with you.

The great thing about this recipe is that winter squash is in season so it is easy to find.


Mango Banana Berry Detox Smoothie


A New Year often means new resolutions and many wanting to get fit. One way to get fit is eating healthier and exercise. 

I find sometimes it is hard to find the right recipes to eat or drink healthier. I drink a lot of water currently but sometimes you want something fun to drink. I love adding smoothies to my routine especially in the morning. 

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Loaded Chicken Fiesta Bake



Loaded Chicken Fiesta Bake



I am always looking for a great recipe to change up my meal plan. I usually check out my friend’s recipes and try the one that catches my eye. On my Weekend Recipes from Friends edition this week. I am posting this Loaded Chicken Fiesta Bake recipe from my friend at Parenting Healthy.

Loaded Chicken Fiesta Bake is a great recipe to try to put some fun in your meal plan. And if you have any leftover chicken or turkey, this is a great way to use it up.

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Cinnamon Bun Style French Toast Bake



Cinnamon Bun French Toast Bake


I love love love (did I mention I love) cinnamon buns? I enjoy a good cinnamon bun when having a cup of coffee in the morning when the kids are gone to school and I am sitting down to blog for the day.  That’s why I figured the Cinnamon Bun Style French Toast Bake recipe would be a great addition to the Recipes from Friends.

I received this recipe from my friend at Me and My Handful.

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