The Wild Thornberrys Complete Series




Both Hayley and Spencer have watched The Wild Thornberrys on television and loved it. I still catch them watching episodes from time to time. Spencer has always been the type of child who doesn’t laugh unless something is very funny. You know if he is laughing that the show he is watching is funny. With The Wild Thornberrys, Spencer laughed often at the episodes and loved it!

The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series has 91 episodes of the Nickelodeon cartoon series.

Watch Eliza, Darwin, Donnie, Debbie, Marianne and Sir Nigel Archibal Thornberry as they go through several adventures that will give your family hours of fun.

Also there is an all-star voice cast featuring Lacey Chabert (Party Of Five), Tim Curry (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) and Flea (The Red Hot Chili Peppers) The Wild Thornberrys an epic adventure that’s fun for the whole family.  Produced by Klasky-Csupo for Nickelodeon, The Wild Thornberrys premiered in September 1998 and aired until 2004 with reruns airing on Nicktoons and CBS from 2002-2007.

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All 91 Wild Adventures!

The globe-trotting girl with the gift of gab and her fantastic family invite you to join them on the adventure of a lifetime in The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series!

After an encounter with a mysterious shaman, Eliza Thornberry is granted the amazing ability to talk with animals. Traveling to every corner of the world with her family of daffy documentarians, Eliza uses her fantastic skill to learn about the lifestyles and habitats of the world’s most exotic creatures — straight from the horse’s mouth! (And the chimp’s mouth, and the lion’s mouth, and… well, you get the idea.)

With all 91 episodes of the Nickelodeon classic cartoon series, Eliza’s animated adventures promise hours upon hours of family fun. So what are you waiting for? Climb aboard the Thornberry Commvee — the journey is about to begin, and your ticket is The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series… brought to you by a Nickelodeon fan’s favorite travel agent, Shout! Factory.



Available: October 20, 2015 at Walmart

Program Running Time: 34.5 hours


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Physicians Formula Review

Physicians Formula Review ~ Does your makeup offer you these benefits?


I am someone who doesn’t wear makeup often because I found it was making my skin break out and become dry. So like most moms, I wear it if there is a special occasion but daily, I don’t because I don’t like the feel of it on my face. That all changed when I tried Physicians Formula®.


Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil makes your skin feel nourished. I felt like nothing was on my skin but it helped my skin to glow. Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil  is a moisturizer, primer, brightener , protector and treatment all in one! When I put on the Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil  on my face, I let it dry before I put on the BB cream. You can also use the Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil  on your hair and nails twice a day. Just gently massage it in your hair and nails. It is made with 100% pure Argan Oil, known as “Liquid Gold” which helps with skin ailments like acne, dry skin, creates a more youthful look in your skin, helps dry and brittle nails and helps as a hair conditioner. This bottle really is liquid gold! And a must have for your daily skin routine.

Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream is my new favourite BB Cream. You don’t need a lot of the product to have it do what you want it to do. The Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream helps even out skin tone, vanishing flaws and imperfections and smoothing the skin without feeling like you have make-up on. I often hate foundation because it looks and feels like you have a mask on. But not with the Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream. It feels like you are walking around with naked skin. It doesn’t feel heavy but gives you the benefits you are looking for to have flawless skin. This BB Cream also has an SPF 30 which is great for not only protecting your skin from sun damage but also prevents your skin from aging due to the sun.

Physicians Formula Bronzer and Blush

Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer is also infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil. With all the conditioning benefits to improve your skin. I love wearing bronzer and I have to say I love the glow this bronzer gives to my skin. I don’t like to tan because I am light skin and I burn. I love giving my face a bit of a glow without an actual tan.The Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer also comes with a mirror and a brush. I love how it is under the bronzer compact. Makes it perfect to carry around with you in your purse. I love the exotic scent that is in the bronzer that makes me feel like I am in Moracco.

Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blush is infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil to give you the benefits for your skin while you wear it. The blush is the perfect colour of pink to give you that natural look. The Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blush also comes in a compact with a mirror and brush below the blush. I love these compacts.

All the Physicians Formula® Argan Wear™ is Hypoallergenic, gluten-free, paraben freen, non-comedogenic and dermatologist approved.

Looking to boost your lashes? Physicians Formula® has several products that will help you with that without breaking the bank.


Physicians Formula® Eye Booster 2-1 Lash Boosting Serum is a great way to boosts your eyelashes while targeting the root to give your lashes more nutrients to help grow beautiful thick eyelashes. You can purchase C if you don’t want a colour or there is Ultra Black or Smoky Grey. I love the Ultra Black myself. But I can use either for what I feel that day. If I don’t want to use any makeup, I can put on the Clear Serum and go about my day. Women saw improvement after 1 week. The Eye Booster 2-1 Lash Boosting Serum is water-resistant and smudge resistant which is great for those days you get caught in the rain or you wipe your eye and forget you are wearing anything on your eyes.

Don’t want to wait for your lashes to get the boost you need?

Then Try: Physicians Formula® Eye Booster™ Instant Lash Extension Kit. It is a DIY Lash Extension kit that is easy to do and you can get some great lashes to wear right away. With this Eye Booster kit, after 3 weeks you get thicker, fuller, longer lashes. Check out the video above to see how easy it is to do. I love the Eye Booster™ Instant Lash Extension Kit because it really boosts your eye lashes right away. I also am a very frugal person. I love great products but I don’t want to break the bank trying to get the look that I want. With Physicians Formula®, you get great products without hurting your pocketbook.

I have tried a lot of make up products in the past that made a lot of promises and cost an arm and a leg to purchase. But when I tried them out they either caused my skin problems or made me feel like I was wearing a mask. Physicians Formula® has made me enjoy wearing makeup again.

You can purchase Physicians Formula® Online Here

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Buildex Super Scoot Giveaway

Buildex Super Scoot Giveaway


The Buildex Super Scoot is going to be one of the hottest toys this holiday season

bike a

The Buildex™ line of wood performance riding vehicles utilize high quality designs and exceptional innovation resulting in breakthrough fun and adventure. Using our exclusive connecting systems, Buildex™ riding vehicles assemble safely and securely with no need for tools. Cool steering and suspension functions make for amazing rides! –

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Five on Friday 09/25




Most of us have Facebook and see similar posts in our news feed.

This week here are some of the things that have gone viral.

  1.  The Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Meal ~ This picture has been popping up all week. Sometimes without researching people will just share a post or a meme.  This has been proven as false by Snopes. CLICK HERE to read the Snopes post
  2. A viral video shows animal activists taking a homeless man’s dog away from him. The homeless man cries and the dog freaks out. It is one of the saddest viral videos I have watched. I personally feel the dog should be given back. That man loved his dog, I doubt he was being neglected. This happened in Paris. CLICK HERE to watch the video
  3. This funny video of a cat thinking what’s on the computer is real. Great for a morning laugh! CLICK HERE to watch the video
  4. There is a post going around that Tim Horton’s is offering 100 gift cards. Please don’t click on this or share. It is spam/scam. How you can tell it says xyz after tim hortons. When it should say
  5. And as always a Canadian funny for today that I saw online! Happy Friday!




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