CB Holiday Gift Review ~ Air Warriors Ultra-Tek


CB Holiday Gift Review ~ Air Warriors Ultra-Tek



My son loves dart blasting toys. Over the years we have purchased many of them. He is the expert when it comes to dart blasting toys.


Spencer playing with Air Warrior Ultra-Tek Gem Dart Set #Review

Spencer playing with the Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Gem (2 pack). He loved the smaller dart blasters and you can give one to a friend to play with. (even was his cast he was able to use the dart blasters to play which made him happy because there wasn’t a lot of his toys he could play with when his “good hand” was in a cast.)

Both Hayley and Spencer went out and played with the Air Warriors Ultra-Tek dart blaster toys. They made their own score board on put it on the kitchen screen door where the glass was. You could make one easily using Microsoft Paint and print it and you are good to go. Make a fun game and add some small prizes even. A great time for even Mom and Dad to get involved with. Hayley made the video while Spencer aiming for the score board.


Ultra-Tek Gem 2 Pack is great for when you want to play with a friend or using both for yourself. It is a smaller dart blaster that is a 3 shooter. You work it by pulling the back pull and then pulling the trigger to have the darts go one at a time.


Ultra-Tek Brute blasts darts up to 20 feet through a motorized clip. All Ultra-Tek clips are interchangeable. A great toy for children 6 and up. Spencer loved how he hold more darts at one time with this dart blasting toy. Shooting the darts up to 72 feet was great fun for him. He would stand at the end of our street to see how far they would go each time.


Ultra-Tek Snipe is also a clip fed dart blasting toy but you pump the side and then shoot, so you aren’t required to have batteries to use it. Which is good because sometimes on Christmas morning, I never purchase enough batteries. The Ultra-Tek Snipe comes with a scope which is detachable and so is the barrel. Includes and 8 dart clip and comes with 10 suction darts. Spencer loved this when using the scoring board because he could look through the scope to find where to shoot at the target.


Ultra-Tek Sidewinder is a really interesting dart blasting toy because it has rapid automatic barrel. Holds 30 long-distance darts. This dart blaster doesn’t require batteries either. Spencer enjoyed it because it was nothing he has seen before in any of his dart blasting toys. It is a good thing that we have a large yard that he could shoot his darts all over with his friends and recover them. The Ultra-Tek Sidewinder was Spencer’s favourite. (even though he said he loved them all this was the one he kept going back to play with.)

IMG_1976 (2)

Air Max Boss comes with 3 large foam darts and a clip. It is great that the Air Max Boss darts still goes up to 80 feet even though it is a smaller body than some of the others we reviewed in this post. It has a futuristic design to it that Spencer liked. He is into Sci-Fi shows so this was a fun dart blaster for him to use. This dart blaster also has a front grip to hold it.


The best part of the Air Warriors dart blasters for me as a parent? The price. You will not break the bank with these gifts and you will make your children happy seeing them under the tree on Christmas Morning. The other best part about these dart blasters? Gives your children an excuse to go outside and play. It doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold out. It is fun anytime! If they are playing in the snow they won’t lose their darts. But if they do, you can purchase replaceable darts for them.

After the review he took all the dart blasters over to his friend’s house to play with his friends in the area. He had a great time.

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