Child of the 80's? Let's See How Much You Remember…


The frustration of having to blow into your cartridges in order to get them to work.








“Must-see TV” meant The Cosby Show.

Remembering where you were when the Challenger disaster happened.

Being scared that you were going to fall into a well like Baby Jessica.

Wanting to be as cool as Punky Brewster.

Aspiring to one day be as cool as the teens in the John Hughes movies.

John Hughes movies









Being either “Team Cyndi” or “Team Madonna.”

Remembering to “Just Say No.”

A smart-mouthed, cat-murdering, extraterrestrial alien.

The joy of collecting Garbage Pail Kids and putting the stickers on your bedroom wall.

That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex and be totally cool.










Listening to your “We Are the World” 7-inch record.

Watching the commercial over and over just to see if you could catch the moment when Michael Jackson’s hair catches on fire.

Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect fold on your jeans.

Your parents still holding on to the Betamax player, even though VHS had won the format war.

These were the soundtracks to your life:

80s music









Pee-wee’s Playhouse and a big bowl of cereal was the highlight of Saturday mornings.

The creepy feeling of the skin on your vinyl E.T. doll.

That Vuarnet T-shirts were best worn with acid-wash jeans (rolled up, of course).








The excitement in the air the day the Berlin Wall came down.

The excitement you got each month when your teacher passed out Scholastic book order forms.

Using the library catalog to look for a book and the frustration of not finding the index card you were looking for.

The joy of the first scratch on a brand-new Scratch ‘n Sniff sticker.

The stress of pulling the edges off your dot matrix printer paper.

Getting pumped about the new school year because it meant a new Trapper Keeper binder.

Using cans of aerosol hairspray to get your hair as big as possible.

big hair


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