Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle

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Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle


Our family loves to travel, so choosing the right road trip vehicle was important to us.

When we looked for our next vehicle, we knew we wanted something that was smaller than our Mini Van but not low to the ground like a car.

So with that we went and purchased a Jeep Liberty.



The first year we owned vehicle, we drove from Sarnia, Ontario to Prince Edward Island. We also drove all around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Since we were camping, we made sure we could put things in the rack on top of our Jeep Liberty and then in the back of in our trunk.

Our vehicle was perfect for going out east. We had plenty of room that the kids weren’t squashed together and we all took turns in the front seat while Mike was driving.

The only downfall on the trip was that my husband gave our son a remote for the radio. We listened to what he wanted to hear all the time.



Choosing the right road trip vehicle depends on a few things:

How many people might be travelling with you: In our family there are four of us. So when we looked at getting our Jeep Liberty, we looked to see if it would sit all of us comfortably. That was a big requirement. We wanted at least enough seating that someone could bring a friend if they wanted. Often Mike isn’t home so there is enough room for 3 kids in the back and one in the front so 2 extra people can come with us.


Storage Space: Lets face it, you aren’t going too far if you can’t bring items on the trip for overnight. Previously we had a Mini Van that had a lot of room. But when we downsized to this vehicle, we made sure we had enough space. Since most of our trips, we normally bring just bring our luggage for the hotel room, the Jeep was perfect. When we went out east, we also brought our camping supplies. We were able to put them on the top rack in a container to prevent them from getting wet. If the kids are not with us, we can fold down the seats and place even more items in the back. You want to look at what would work with your family as to how many people will be joining you on a trip.


Gas Mileage: I know this is scary for some, and another reason we went to a small vehicle. Lets face it, gas prices keep going up. If you want to make more trips, you want to make sure you get the best mileage possible. You don’t want to be suck sinking most of your money into your car for gas just to go on a trip. Doesn’t matter if it is a long trip or short trip to a city, you need that information.


Extra Features: We didn’t worry too much about this when we purchased our vehicle because we already had a lot of these products separately. If you don’t have these products, you might want to look at a vehicle that has them. A GPS to help you if you don’t know where you are going. We used ours a lot while travelling out east. We didn’t know where things were located. DVD players if you have younger children. They were great when my kids were young. Listening them laugh to their favourite movie, made long car rides great! A radio system is also something great so you can listen to your favourite music. Just don’t do what my husband did and give your child a remote. is the perfect site to help you when choosing the right road trip vehicle for your family.


What feature is a must have in choosing your road trip vehicle? 






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  1. January 14, 2018 / 2:33 pm
    Hi, Diane! This is a great post! Choosing a right vehicle for a family can be really difficult with all of the options and deals out there, but you put all of the important things in one place, so that makes it a lot easier. I hope you learned from a mistake and keep the remote to yourselves on the next trip. :) I was wondering, what do you think is the most common mistake people make when buying a car for the whole family? Nigel William recently posted...Fiskars x5 vs x7, x10, x11, x15, x17, x25, x27, Iso Core 8 lb Maul – hatchet, axe and maul reviewMy Profile
    • Diane
      January 17, 2018 / 12:04 am
      The common mistake is not purchasing a car for the whole family. What I mean by that is sometimes adults forget that the children will be using it too. They need places for their drinks, their items that they will bring with them and to have their own area in the car for long rides. Purchasing a vehicle is for what suits the family as a whole.

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