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Between curling or youth group for my tween, lifts to the mall or volunteering for my teen and everything else in between. Sometimes there are never enough hours in the day to make a meal for us. I am sure all those parents out there know exactly what I mean.

I try to keep meals in the freezer for days like that already pre-made, but even I am not always on top of that. Or it isn’t something we feel like eating that night.

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This is where Bootler comes in handy.

Bootler is a search engine for delivery food. (What a great idea!)

This allows you to check what type of food you are wanting to order, the minimum amount for delivery, view the price range based on $ symbols, delivery time and also view the menu.

To see what a menu looks like on Bootler, check out  Doc B’s Delivery. It shows the list of foods on the menu plus the alcohol that you can purchase and the prices. All alcohol delivery is only available to those 21 years and older.

Bootler doesn’t deliver. It just allows you to have all the restaurants in the area at your finger tips. But it gives you the information you need to make the choice on where you want to order in from. I like that about Bootler.

Right now this is just available in Chicago but expanding to New York by the end of the year and more major cities after that. I am hoping it does expand up to Canada soon. But for now, I will settle for using it when I am in Chicago vacationing.

Bootler is user friendly so even a person that isn’t tech savvy could use it.

When we head back to Chicago for a football game with the kids, we plan on using Bootler to get delivery at the hotel.


#GoBootler Search Engine for Food Delivery Service

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Bootler also has an app available for your iPhone for free.




What feature do you like about Bootler? 


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