This Day in Canadian History – June 4th




June 4, 1838 – Baseball – Beachville Club play the Zorras in the first recorded baseball game in Canada, one year prior to the famous Cooperstown game. It happened near today’s Beachville Baptist Church. Beachville, Ontario. The terms used were different from today’s baseball terms. They also used 10-14 men on the field in this game. Today we use 9 men on the field.



Terms From the 1838 Game:

Bye – Base
Thrower – Pitcher
Tally – Run
Knocker – Batter
Knocker’s Stone – Home Base
Club – Bat
Fair Ball – one thrown to the knocker at any height between the bend of his knee and the top of his head, near enough to be in fair reach
Plugging – when a fielder hits the runner with the ball when he is between bases. If “plugged” you are “out”


To find out more about Beachville’s baseball beginnings CLICK HERE


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