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Getting a good night sleep is sometimes hard and adding dialysis to the equation while you are sleeping doesn’t help either.

I was lucky enough to review DermaTherapy® “The Next Generation of Therapeutic Bedding”. ®

With kidney failure, you itch all the time. I use to wake up scratching in the middle of the night.

DermaTherapy® is suppose to help the irritation of your skin.

So when they arrived, I was excited to try them out. Anything to help me from waking up scratching.


When they arrived, I washed them and then put them on our bed for that evening.

I started my dialysis machine and was skeptical that the sheets would allow me to have a better night sleep.

I got into bed and I have to say it was like cool refreshing feeling on my skin.

That night, I actually had a better night sleep. I didn’t spend the whole night itching.

I used the DermaTherapy® bedding sheets for a week and I can tell you that each night I received the same results. It made me feel comfortable at night. When you are on dialysis you don’t always get a good night sleep but with these sheets I did!

The bedding allowed my body to feel better and I didn’t sweat while on dialysis. (I did Peritoneal Dialysis at the time which warms the fluid that goes in the my stomach area, many nights I woke up sweating from it. That night was a peaceful sleep.

I love the feeling of the sheets against my skin. They are my favourite sheets now for our bed. I think I might need another set for the days my sheets go in the wash!


DermaTherapy® Features:

  • Maintains freshness by eliminating odors caused by germs and harmful bacteria on the fabric. This specially engineered fabric has antimicrobial and soil release treatments that keep your bedding cleaner and easier to wash.
  • Wicks moisture away from your skin, helping to regulate your body temperature and keeps your skin drier and more comfortable.
  • Woven sheets with long, continuous strands that are free of short. protruding fibers or pills that can create friction and cause irritation.


To check out more about DermaTherapy® go to


I received a set of DermaTherapy® sheet set for the review but the opinions are my own. 


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