Doing a Fundraiser For Your School Or Team?



Fundraising is a great way to earn money for your school or child’s team.

With Mabel’s Labels, you provide a product that everyone loves!



Many programs choose Mabel’s Labels to do fundraising with because:

  • unbeatable, award-winning products

  • 20% commission and no mark-ups

  • dedicated staff support

  • customizable online promotional tools

  • eco-friendly, sugar-free alternative to other fundraisers

  • moms, teachers and kids love us

  • Also Participants shop through a specially created website link and your group gets a percentage of all sales. No more hauling boxes and filling forms – we handle all orders, payments and deliveries.


Both my children use Mabel’s Labels on their items! It is a great product that all families can use!

CLICK HERE  to go to the Fundraising Sign Up Form

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