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Saving money becomes harder and hard but with Save. ca , you can save and earn cash back!

Here’s how:

First go to Ebates.ca  CLICK HERE

Sign up!

Then go to Shop.ca CLICK HERE


Now you are all signed up! Time to shop!



Go back to Ebates.ca CLICK HERE

In the top type in Shop.ca in search bar like this:




Click on the Shop.ca (See the 20.0%! That’s the cash back you receive when you buy at Shop.ca through Ebates!)

Hit the Shop now red button

It will take you to Shop.ca and you can start shopping!

**Tip: See a great price or product on Shop.ca? Share it on your social media and earn credit! Buttons are located right below the product price.

Be sure to add your Aeroplan account # to your Shop.ca account. For a limited time you will receive 5x miles on your first purchase


Here is my shopping from yesterday with Shop.ca and Ebates:




Notice I received credit? That credit was built up over time due to sharing great deals! I was able to apply it to my order.

**Note: Refer friends and family to both Shop.ca and Ebates.ca to get a refer bonus.

$5 for Ebates (when a friend spends $25 using the Ebates account) and $25 for Shop.ca (when a friend spends $75 using their Shop.ca account)



Here is my cashback from Ebates:







So with credit from Shop.ca and cashback from Ebates, I ordered 2 gifts for $9 plus FREE Shipping!

Not a bad at all!

Don’t forget to let your American family and friends know about Ebates! They can also shop through there for their purchases!







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  1. Lynn Duchesne
    December 9, 2014 / 11:39 am
    I shopped recently through ebates.ca and shop.ca as well. But, I noticed because of the aeorplan miles now, you cannot get ebates cash back if you use a promo like I did... I prefer it the old way...Last year I was able to use a promo and get cash back especially if it is 20% eh! I will never use aeorplan miles. Anyway it was still a good 20.00 promo credit which is better than nothing. Have a great day! Thanks for sharing!

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