Easy To Do Winter Activity With The Kids! ~ Coloured Ice Balls

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My kids and I had fun doing this winter activity!

We made Coloured Ice Balls.

It was a cold night and I had seen this activity on pinterest (you can click to follow us HERE) before and saw a friend on my facebook had tried it that night as well.

So I thought, I have all the supplies I need for this, lets give it a try!

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Supplies You Need:



Food Colouring

Optional: Rubber Gloves (the food colouring can get messy)




  1. Stretch the balloon out (I just pull it back and forth as if I am about to blow it)

  2. Pick the food colour you want and put about 10 drops in.

  3. Take balloon to sink and fill with water. (if you have gloves this would be the time to use them)

  4. Tie balloon and place outside on porch to freeze. (I put them out at 8pm and the next day by 4pm we took the rubber balloon off)

  5. When you are ready to take the balloon off. (again wear plastic gloves if you have them) Find the air pocket. You probably will see it through the balloon. Take a knife or scissors and poke a hole.(make sure you do this outside as it gets a bit messy)

  6. The balloon should come off no problem!

  7. Place ice ball where you wish for them to be seen. We placed ours in our front garden but some place them along a walkway.

  8. Enjoy!

We had fun making these! I didn’t think to use rubber gloves while doing it or taking the balloons off so our hands were covered in dye.

We have them displayed in our front garden.

The children love their creation! And it was an easy activity for us to do on a cold night! 



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