Fill a Child’s Tummy for a Toonie #Toonies4Tummies



Growing up in a big family, we often had to be tight with food. My parents did their best but there were times when there wasn’t enough food in the house to help us to have good nutritional meals.

I often found myself not able to concentrate on school work in the morning because I would be counting down the time for lunch when I could run home and eat because I often didn’t have breakfast.

Now what if I could tell you that if you skip one morning coffee on the way to work, or didn’t buy that bag of chips, you could pay for a nutritional meal for a child?

Really it is that simple. A Toonie. 

Fill a Child's Tummy for a Toonie #Toonies4Tummies

I am happy to assist The Grocery Foundation with getting the word out about the Toonies for Tummies program. This is a program that is near and dear to my heart.

The Toonies for Tummies program is lucky to have the support of various retailers and brands. Sponsor companies cover the cost of the campaign so that 100% of funds raised go back to children. Be sure to look for and support the 2017 campaign sponsors.

So your Toonie does make a difference. It is going directly to the children in your local area. That’s right, so you are helping a child in your area that may not be getting a nutritional meal. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child.”, really comes into affect with this program.


Toonies for Tummies is NOW Out West! 

Toonies for Tummies was able to expand out west with 150 Save-On-Foods stores. How awesome is that?

Toonies for Tummies is also in 355 grocery stores in Ontario.  Food Basics Metro, RABBA, and many more.

Fill a Child's Tummy for a Toonie #Toonies4Tummies


Agent of Change

The Toonies for Tummies program also has a student that is an Agent of Change. The student gets involved with the nutritional program in their school.

The Agent of Change that I have spoken to is a grade 9 student in Windsor named Lacey.


Lacey was willing to answer some questions about being an Agent of Change. 

About Lacey;
I am a fourteen year old at Saint Thomas of Villanova high school and some of my goals are to achieve as much as I possibly can and to somehow make a positive difference in the world.
I’ve been to a social justice forum before, for the University of Windsor, when I was in grade eight (I was sent by my teacher). That was the experience which made me want to try to help people.
Why is healthy foods and nutrition so important? 
I think healthy foods and nutrition are important to today’s youth because I know a lot of people my age who don’t really like sports or physical activity (myself included), and I know people should probably be more involved with it.
I also know people who will sometimes skip breakfast because they don’t have time, it makes them feel nauseous to eat that early, or for some other reasons. This is a problem because in order to function and learn properly at school, people need to have at least a granola bar, otherwise they’ll be hungry by second period.
I know it’s hard to focus on school when you’re hungry. I think people need to be a lot more aware of what they’re eating and not eating, as well as the activities they do.
Why is the Toonies for Tummies such an important program to you?
The Toonies for Tummies program is important to me because it gives me an opportunity to raise awareness of what I described in the second question.
It may also help benefit my future after high school.
How did you first get involved with the Grocery Foundation?
I first got involved in the Grocery Foundation when the mother of someone on my brother’s hockey team, asked if I would like to be a student ambassador.
I wasn’t sure if it would be too much work for me or not, only just having started grade nine, but I accepted the offer and I’m glad I did.
What does being an Agent of Change mean to you? 
What being an agent of change means to me that I can make a difference, even if it’s small. It reminds me that even though I’m just a student, everyone else started the same way as me.
Being a student, I also relate to other people my age, and I hope I can help raise awareness of student nutrition just by them having someone to relate to in a program like this.


The Goal

The goal the Grocery Foundation has is to raise $850,000 for student nutrition for the 2017 campaign. Pretty amazing goal, right?

Just imagine how many tummies that would fill! This will help 4,500 programs in Ontario and the various programs out west. Lets help to make sure we fill those tummies.

You can help by going to a selected grocery retailer that is assisting with the Toonies for Tummies program, by purchasing these brands listed below, or donating online. 

Fill a Child's Tummy for a Toonie #Toonies4Tummies

 ** is happy to be a social ambassador for the Toonies for Tummies program with The Grocery Foundation. All opinions in the post are my own. **

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  1. Debbie S.
    February 27, 2017 / 11:09 pm
    What a great post1 Such a great program. We do not have a Save on foods in town. But when I am in the city I will stop and support this program!

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