Five Must See Christmas Movies

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The Christmas Season is HERE.

We all have our favourite Christmas movies but here is my list of 5 must see movies for you and your family.

The fifth on my list is ELF that is with Will Ferrell. This movie is full of laughs and that warm fuzzy feeling you want from a Christmas movie.

It is a about a human who was adopted by elves and then comes to realize he is adopted and searches out his father.


The fourth on my list is Miracle on 24th Street. I personally prefer the the Black and White version with Natalie Wood, Maureen O’Hara, John Payne and Edmund Gwenn. I enjoy watching it every year. It is about a guy on trial who believes he is Santa and his lawyer has to prove it while others don’t believe him. Another feel good movie.






The third on my list is the Santa Clause with Tim Allen. Another movie great for the whole family that has lots of great laughs. What happens is Santa falls off a man’s room (Tim Allen’s roof) and that man has a card to put on the suit. He puts it on and becomes Santa Claus and has to deal with it in his daily life.


The second movie on my list is The Christmas Story. (which was hard to put it as number 2 but lets just say it is a tie between this and my first movie as my favourites) Ralphie tries to convince the adults around him that he should get a B.B. gun for Christmas. This movie is great for laughs and will become a family favourite.

The number one Christmas movie on my list is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. This movie is constant laughs and jokes. It does have a few swear words so you might want to wait to share it with your children but it is fun for us adults. It is about a husband (Chevy Chase) waiting to share his Christmas bonus with his family and all the craziness that happens when his extended family comes for the Holidays.

What is your favourite Christmas movie. Comment below and share it with me.



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