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cute potted plants

Such a cute outdoor DIY project ~ you could make some for every season!

pumpkin pot


(2) 10-inch clay pots
(4) 2-inch clay pots
(1) 11-inch clay saucer (optional)
(4) wooden beads that are slightly larger than the holes in the 2-inch pots
(1) 3-inch wooden bead
Thin jute cord
Water-based polyurethane sealer
Epoxy glue
Outdoor acrylic paint in blue, red, white and black
The plant of your choice to become your person’s hair (ferns work well.)


Seal all the pottery and let it dry according to the directions on the label.

Turn one 10-inch pot upside down, and paint on the shirt and overalls to create the body. Seal the paint after it dries.

Keep the second 10-inch pot right-side up and paint on the face. Seal the paint after it dries

Cut 2 lengths of jute, 24-inches in length each.

Thread one bead onto one cord and push it to the middle, gathering both ends of the cord in one hand.

Thread both ends of the cord through the hole in one of the 2-inch pots.

Add another bead to one end of the cord, push it down to meet the first pot, and then thread both ends of the cord through another 2-inch pot. This makes one arm.

Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 to create the second arm.

Thread all four cord ends through the hole in the body pot, and then thread them through the 3-inch bead on the inside of the pot. Leave enough length on the cords so the pot arms hang just beyond the edge of the bottom pot. This will keep them clear of the head pot when you attach it.

Once you have your arms placed where you want them, tie a secure knot with the loose ends on the other side of the bead to hold it in place. Cut off any excess cord.

Run a ring of epoxy glue around the edge of the body pot, and place the head pot on top. Allow it to dry.

When the glue is totally dry, lift your person by the bottom pot and set it in the saucer.

Set a potted fern inside the head for your person’s hair, and place it in your garden.

Try some Christmas pots for some special place settings at your table!

christmas pots

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