Get Cash Back in Your Pocket While Shopping Online



Get cash back in your pocked while shopping online with TopCashBack. 


TopCashBack is the only 100% commission rate site in the US and Canada. What that means is they give all the commission rate that the stores pay back to the consumer. TopCashBack doesn’t take a cut like other cashback rebates sites. So that’s more money back in your pocket!

Sign up and follow these easy steps to use the TopCashBack site

First step: Sign up HERE

Second Step: Browse to find a store. To find the Canada retailers right away click on the heading Offers and then Canada Merchants.

TopCashBack Put more cash back in your pocket.

Third Step: Select the store you want to shop online at and shop like usual.


Fourth Step: The retailer pays TopCashBack the commission of your purchase and add the cashback to your earnings section.


Also go to Tell-A-Friend and use your code to have your friend or family to sign up and you will receive $10 cashback.

Pay outs are through Paypal , direct deposit or Amazon gift cards. (Amazon gift cards come with a 2.5% bonus)

You also get to CHOOSE when you get paid. No more waiting like those other guys. 

Any other questions be sure to check out the FAQ area on the site.

Happy Shopping!


happy shopping

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