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I love to get read my personal horoscope, get my palm read or get a tarot card reading.

I find it interesting when someone has the ability to do any of that and I find it fun!


At The National Woman’s Show in Toronto , I had my cards read! It was a blast! The subject I had asked her about was money. (I figured it is what most worry about and the quickest subject that came to my mind!


Some of the thing she read from the cards were interesting in that it told me a few things that are already happening and she knew they were already happening in my life. (Was it luck of the cards I drew? Who knows! But it was fun listening to what she had to say! )


She told me things that will be happening in the coming year so I am waiting to see if it happens in the next few months!  Even if it doesn’t come true, the fun is seeing if it will!


What do you enjoy more? Your personal horoscope, palm reading or tarot card reading?

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