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Summer is here!

Summer for me means sand, family time and enjoying the outdoors.  It also means sandal time!

I love wearing sandals and flip flops. I am someone who would go bare foot if I could but since I can’t, those shoes are my go-to.

Udderly Smooth® will help you get your feet sandal ready.  They have great skin care products to make your feet feel silky soft.


Udderly Smooth® Shea Butter Foot Cream will help your feet to feel great and look great. It is lightly scented and you won’t have that greasy feeling that you get from other creams. I like using it after a shower. I put it on my feet and then put some socks on before bed.

It is available in 8oz. jars.

While you are taking care of your feet, don’t forget to take care of your hands with the Udderly Smooth® hand cream tubes.

Available in 2oz. and 4oz.


Also use Udderly Smooth® Body Cream for your skin to feel silky soft. I love using it on my legs because I find my legs get dry from shaving.

Available in 12oz jars and 32 oz. bottles.


Udderly Smooth® is great to have on hand in your home. I also use the 2oz. bottles for my purse to keep it handy when traveling.  It is the only products I use to keep my skin smooth and soft.

Click here to find where you can purchase Udderly Smooth® products.


Win a Udderly Smooth Prize® pack of your own.

Open to CAN/US residents 18+


Udderly Smooth Sandal Season Giveaway


I received the products listed above to try but my views are my own. Basically Speaking isn’t responsible for the giveaway prize. The prize will be shipped by the sponsor. 

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135 thoughts on “Get Sandal Ready with Udderly Smooth”

  1. I need Udderly Smooth mostly for my dry cracked heels. I am so hard on my feet during the summer and they need some pampering.
  2. i am a nurse and always washing my hands or using sanitizer what is pretty harsh on my hands plus being All day on my feet ( rough and calluses ) I would love to pamper myself with a Udderly Smooth Gift-basket . Thank you for the opportunity :)
  3. I need Udderly Smooth for my feet, elbows and hands. I have psoriasis on my elbows and go barefoot almost all year. I also have a soccer player who gets very calloused feet and a husband who works with the public and uses a lot of hand sanitizer which dries out his skin badly. I have used Udderly Smooth hand cream and really love it!
  4. I need Udderly Smooth for my heels so they don't look so dry when I wear sandals. In the winter I will need it for my dry hands.
  5. I live in Manitoba where Winters are long, cold & DRY!! My skin takes a beating and this year its so bad I can't wear shorts!!
  6. My hands crack for a few weeks at a time, a few times a year, and I have eczema that flares up when I don't stay on top of moisturizing.
  7. I am a lotion junkie, and love to try new ones!! I am a gardener, so my hands could always use some extra love!! My legs always seem drier than the rest of my body too. I'll cross my fingers!
  8. I work in the healthcare field and I am constantly washing my hands. This would be so helpful for the dry skin that comes with it.
  9. I started getting scarred skin on my foot after receiving a cortisone shot. I'm willing to give anything a shot. Not pun intended.
  10. I'm already in love with Udderly Smooth, an old work friend always had it on her desk, and I always visited her desk to get some for my hands in winter. I never thought to use it on my feet, but I'm looking forward to that--my feet could use some loving this summer.
  11. I could really use it on my feet, especially the heels. I love being in my barefeet year round but it really takes it's toll on my feet.
  12. I work in a hospital and am walking 4-5 miles a day + I run for exercise! My feet are always sore and cracked!
  13. I need Udderly Smooth for my heels that stay so dry. I love wearing sandals, so it's important to me to have heels that don't look dry and cracked.
  14. I always have cracked and dried skin on my heels so I would love to use Udderly Smooth to moisten and sooth them.
  15. My hands and feet crack badly in summer out on the ranch - could really use this - they are so bad it hurts! Between horses, chickens and running a kids art studio all that handwashing and flip flip wearing kills my hands and feet 😢
  16. I've used Udderly Smooth before and was very happy with the results. I need it for my feet the most - they get so dry!
  17. oh my gosh i need this in my life. my hands are dry, my feet are horrible!!! i dont have any specific cream targeted for those areas. I just use body lotion
  18. my heels are the worst , dry and cracked , don't really use anything on them and thats probably my mistake , i should take more time on my feet so they don't end up like this in the summer
  19. if i win, i'll share it with my fiance's mother who uses it for her skin. our entire family enjoys the benefit of using Udderly smooth, it really works!
  20. My feet! They need constant care or they turn into what my husband lovingly calls "dragon feet". Thanks for the chance to win.
  21. My feet are so dry and I have a wedding to attend. I would like to wear sandals with my dress. I could use something to make them udderly smooth.
  22. My Grandmas feet crack and hurt her and she says Udderly smooth is what helps her the most. I would give some to her for her poor fee.
  23. I am on my feet alot for work and find that my feet get rough and callousy. This would really help with my foot issues.
  24. I would love to try this out on my 11 years olds eczema. We have tried so many things that just plain out fail.
  25. I'd love to try this. I've had 2 casts on my arms for 5 weeks now (I broke both arms, 6 bones total) and my arms are so very itchy, I will be very happy when my casts come off, hoping in 1 more week if all goes well. I am looking forward to being able to finally scratch my itch under my casts and put cream on. Thank you Anna
  26. My feet could certainly use this! Steel toed boots at work and sandlas/bare feet at home make for not so pretty feet
  27. I'd love to pamper my feet with a little udderly smooth cream! I really couldn't reach them the last few months of my pregnancy so I neglected them, but now that I can reach them again I need to work on rescuing them asap! They are very dry and rough - not summer friendly at all!!

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