Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – Now Accepting Submissions

Basically Speaking's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide - Now Accepting Submissions #GiftGuide #Holidays #GiftIdeas

The Holiday season is coming up in the next few months.

And I have decided to put out a post to let everyone know that Basically Speaking is accepting submissions for the 2016 gift guide. The gift guide will help our readers to find information about products while they are deciding what to purchase for their loved ones this holiday season. (This mom also loves learning about new products for gift giving. And for products that I want to own in my home. )

Your Reviewers: 

I review the products along with my husband and two children.  My daughter is 15 years old and my son is 11 years old. I also have younger relatives who can contribute to reviews items.  We also have a Schnoodle dog and a Siamese cat who also review products for those with fur babies.

When does the Gift Guide Start:

From November 1st until December 21st, I will be featuring gift ideas on Basically Speaking. This will be a great way to let the readers learn more about your products while they are making a decision on what to buy for their loved ones. (I know Gift Guides help this mom out when deciding what to buy for her family. )

Are you looking to get your Brand noticed?

Your Brand will receive:

  • A Blog post written on a review of your product.
  • Posting on the Basically Speaking Facebook Page
  • Minimum of 2 tweets promoting your brand.
  • Being included on the Pinterest Holiday Gift Guide Board.
  • One post on the Basically Speaking Instagram page.
  • Being included in the Gift Guide Round Up Page.

What is required from the Brand:

  • One full sized product is required.
  • Samples will not be returned.
  • Brands will be responsible of all shipping and fees. (that includes duty if it is required to be paid.)
  • Giveaways are suggested but not required. I find that giveaways draw more traffic than a sample review. If you wish to do a giveaway, send me information on the prize package. Once the giveaway ends, I will send you the winner’s shipping information.
  • A nominal listing fee will be required to be included in the Gift Guide, in addition to the product.
  • Product must arrive no later than December 11th to be in the Gift Guide. Any product shipped after the 11th will not be in the gift guide and will be posted as a review post.
Other ways you can get information out to our readers! 

Sponsored Posts or Giveaway Only Posts:

If you do not wish to do a review post for the Holiday Gift Guide, but wish to have a sponsored post done for your product. Feel free to contact me for more information for rates for that.

I also am willing to do Giveaway Only posts. Readers enjoy a quick write up of the product with a giveaway for a chance to win the product. Contact me for a more information.


Basically Speaking Holiday Gift Guide is now accepting submissions. #GiftGuide #Holidays #Christmas

If you are interested in being included into the Basically Speaking 2016 Gift Guide – Please either fill out the form below  or email me at with the subject line 2016 Gift Guide.

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