Horror Pack Subscription Review

Horror Pack Subscription Review 

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Do you or someone you know love horror films?

To be scared at night while you are watching one of your old favourites?

Now there is a subscription box that is for you!

Horror Pack is a subscription based service that allows you to sign up for either Blu-ray or DVD Horror movies that come in a 4 pack. (you can also pay for both packages and end up with 8 movies a month) These movies are brand new and in shrink wrap packaging.

Ships worldwide!


I received the first pack that Horror Pack sends out.

My package included: The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Orphanage, The Barber and Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies. 

I was very excited to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose since that’s one I have wanted to see but keep forgetting to get it at the store to check it out.  It was intense and the fact it was based on real events made it more interesting.

Pro-Wrestler vs. Zombies was really funny and great to watch since a lot of my favourite wrestlers from when I was a child was in this movie. (Rowdy Roddy Piper and Kurt Angle)

The Orphanage was intense and I had to close my eyes a lot watching it. Guillermo Del Toro never lets you down with this movies. They deliver the fright you want. I have never seen this one before either but I think I found a new favourite!

The Barber was good and Malcolm McDowell was the perfect actor for this film.  I wish there was more scary moments where you didn’t know if you should hide your eyes or watch. It needed more but it was good movie.

All in all I enjoyed the Horror Pack Subscription I received and can say that I will be signing up to enjoy this again. I wonder what my next 4 movies will be?

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Right now you can’t request a movie but you can suggest a movie to put in a Horror Pack on their Facebook Page. CLICK HERE 

If you have a horror fan in your house or in your family, the Horror Pack subscription would be a great holiday gift! It is like receiving a gift every month for a year! 

CLICK HERE to order a Horror Pack for yourself. 

Disclaimer: I received the product above to review but my opinions are my own. 

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