How Children’s Books Can Influence Young Minds


How Children’s Books Can Influence Young Minds

One of my most cherished memories when I look back at my childhood is reading storybooks with my parent. I remember my father reading me imaginative and exciting stories around bedtime.While these books are of course comforting and entertaining for children, they also offer so many valuable lessons and tokens of wisdom that can shape young minds. Children learn about morality and empathy through following a narrative with an overarching message. These are only a few of the many ways children’s books can impact a child’s development.

Bringing Children to Social Action

One of the many aspects of children’s books which make them so appealing is the moral of the story.These books always end with a happy ending and important lesson. These books demonstrate that good will also trump evil, and so being good comes with its rewards.While we realize that reality is far more complex as we get older, it’s important to teach children virtue and good behavior.


Children are observant. By reading a storybook, they are able to engage with the problems at a safe distance while also identifying with the characters. These are the first steps in cultivating empathy; if they are able to understand what made the character upset, they are also able to understand that the same thing will upset someone else. For instance, if they see a protagonist lie to their parents and then it causes the rest of the characters a lot of trouble, the child is less likely to repeat the same mistake. This is because the book not only tells them that it is wrong, but also offers an example of what could happen if they did lie.


Establishing this sense of “right and wrong” through books can also encourage children to become more involved with their community. The important thing to remember here is that “right and wrong” will eventually develop into their own personal moral code later in life. Having a strong sense of morality will help them stay true to themselves and want to make a change in the world they see around them. And who wouldn’t want that for their children?



Shaping How Kids Think

One of the many wonderful things about children is their curiosity and insatiable appetite for learning. They are new to the world and want to learn more about everything that they come across. We’ve already looked at how books influence behaviours, but books are also fantastic tools for introducing children to new ideas. Not to mention the more they are exposed to ideas at a young age, the more that they will be open new ideas as they age.


For instance a book like The Lorax introduces environmental concerns to its young readers in a way that is easily understood while making sure that the point of the book is clearly understood. A child who is exposed to this idea early on and connects with the story will see things through an environmental lens. The fact that discount children’s books can do this is amazing.


Teaching Tolerance

Another benefit that children’s books offer is giving them exposure to new perspectives, cultures and lifestyles. These books can serve as a window to different parts of the world, teaching children that not everyone lives the same way. Since many of the underlying lessons that they teach often are universal, children are still able to relate and have empathy for characters who look and live in places very different from their own. All of this is done while developing an awareness and respect for cultures. Once again, this all comes back to the fact that if they are exposed to these ideas and cultures early on in life in a positive light, they will be more welcoming to it later on.


Children’s Books

Books are an important part of any childhood because they teach children to engage in social action, influence their thoughts and behaviours, and introduce them to cultures and peoples who are different from themselves. These books are valuable tools in creating open and empathetic adults later on in life who hopefully will help shape the world around them. This thought is especially amazing since it children’s books don’t have to be expensive, especially when they’re purchased from a discount book store.

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  1. March 20, 2018 / 9:11 pm
    Hi, Diane! This is a very important topic! Besides being a great way to entertain your kid, books can really shape them as persons. That`s why it is very important to be careful with a choice of the books. I was wondering, which one was your favorite as a kid?

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