How To Make Homemade Sticky Notes



White or coloured printer paper
Paper trimmer or sharp scissors
Glue stick
Thick card stock
All-purpose glue
Shape templates (optional)
Ribbon or other fun embellishments






1. Determine the size of the sticky note you would like, and use a paper trimmer or sharp scissors to cut a stack of printer paper to the specified size.
2. Apply glue along the top back edge of the first piece of paper in the pile. Line up the next sheet and apply a strip of glue in the same location as the prior sheet, then press down.
3. Continue until all the trimmed paper is used and a pad of stacked adhesive paper is created.
4. Leave the thick cardstock slightly bigger than the pad and affix with all-purpose glue to the last page to create a secure backing.
5. Have fun with the leftover area on your cardstock or clipboard. Add a small decorative ribbon above the sticky pad or embellish with stickers.

Tip: As an alternative to thick cardstock, glue the pad to a mini clipboard. The hard back will provide a stable writing surface when you’re on the go.

Some other fun additions to incorporate:
  1. For a personalized look, make the pad’s shape someone’s initial. Use geometric shapes for a modern look, or seasonal shapes to coordinate with the time of year.
  2. Use different colours of paper and colour-coordinate to perk up your desk or home organization area.
  3. If you’re short on time, you can also use store-bought sticky pads and amp up the fun factor with your own trimming and decorations.
  4. If the pad is thick enough, use a sponge brush and a light coat of metallic paint to add a fun touch to the edges of the paper.
  5. Attach a pen to the notepad by securing one end of a skinny ribbon to the clipboard or cardstock with glue or a staple. Tie the other end to a pen.
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