Infants & Technology ~ Is There Really An App For That?

ipadIs All Technology Bad For Infants?

We see many different points on view on today’s technology? Let’s face it we really can’t avoid it, it’s everywhere. I recall not log ago an older person I know had a cell phone for emergencies only use; they have had the phone for FOREVER!  They needed a new one but she wanted something similar to what she had. A flip phone, that weighed a ton. I knew that wasn’t going to happen. It’s difficult enough to get a battery for a first generation blackberry much less a flip phone from 10 years ago.

We often here opinions on what’s too young, how much is too much! Thoughts on age before you introduce them to this media, lots of discussion.  Regardless of which side of the technology see saw you are on; the fact is; it’s hear and not going away.  Since it’s not going away we need to learn how to embrace it and see the up side to it all!

Once upon a time you would go to the doctors office and there would be toys and books for the kids to entertain them while they wait for the doctor. Magazines for Mom or Dad to pass the time. In today’s society due to germs and so many other factors, most offices have removed these options due to hygiene reasons. Keeping these items clean and sanitized is a big job.  Take a few toys or books with you is a great idea however you run the fear of the toys being on the not so clean floor 🙁

My grand daughter Devyn is  9 months old; as some of you are gasping for air already; that’s ok  I recently won a Mini Ipad in a great giveaway:) I was browsing in the App store last night when I checked out Fisher Price ~ I was curious as when my baby was a baby that was 11 years ago ~ I found these amazing free apps and it had my curiosity. Really an app that’s interactive that is suitable for an infant; no way!!

Giggle Gang snagged my attention first! It was sooooooo cute! They laughed and you could touch the screen anywhere and more little giggling things all in different colors would keep appearing and disappearing on the screen, with all these great sounds! The colors were amazing and I was entertained on both level 1 and level 2. I had to check out the rest of the apps. I personally thought they were cute and the length was appropriate for a small child, but I’m a grand mother so we both know my opinion doesn’t count 🙂

The real test was going to be Devyn!  She sat up on Nannie’s knee and we turned on the Ipad. I showed her how to touch the screen and away she went ! She was quickly giggling and laughing and totally amazed. I was super curious now so I was eager to try one of the books (You can talk or sing, ti’s great), I was in total amazement as I watched Devyn touch the cow when it said touch the cow and before I could show her what to do next she tapped the arrow to turn the page……. WHAT??

IMG_5277 (410x640)

Needless to say these apps passed both Nannie & Devyn’s approval ! These would be great options to pass the time while you wait for the doctor and the only thing you need to worry about cleaning is the screen 🙂


Ipad fisher price

fishprice 2

These are the ones I downloaded for the Ipad however I noticed they were all available for the iPhone too.

IMG_5263 (595x640)

Get your Free Apps 🙂


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