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Do you love trying products and then giving a review?

There is a new website starting up that will allow you to do just that!


What is Reviewsio?

  • members are receiving products in the mail FOR FREE in exchange for their honest review on There are no strings attached and you get to keep the product. It is that simple!


You browse a catalog that contains Amazon sellers products. These products are marked down from 80-100%. Then if you are approved you receive a voucher code that you put in at checkout on Amazon. You receive the product and review it and post the review on Amazon. This is so easy, anyone could do it!


Reviewsio launches October 1st, but you can get signed up today!

I am signed up on it and excited to try this website out to offer reviews! I am looking forward to trying products out that I have thought about buying but wasn’t sure if they were what I was looking for. I also love that it is at a discounted price.

What’s the catch?

  • There is no catch. Amazon sellers need reviews to help sell their product. To generate more revenue they need people to try their product and give a high quality review to support the product.


You have nothing to lose to sign up and everything to gain! (Sign up on the button below) Let us know if you signed up in the comments of this post!






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