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My husband Mike has had issues with back problems for the past 8 years. He has had back surgery but still suffers from soreness of the back. (Nothing like before surgery, mind you but still has his days where it aches.) He uses pain relievers to get through his day now. So when I was offered a chance to try Lakota products, I jumped at it. I rather he try products with natural ingredients.

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The first product we tried was the Lakota Triple Action Back Pain pills and Roll on Pain Reliever.

The Lakota Back Pain Roll-on smelled nice. Most roll-on pain relievers leave a smell that isn’t to be desired. I know myself when I use them I always make sure I am staying home because the smell bothers me, so I wouldn’t want it to bother the people around me. It isn’t greasy and you don’t feel it on your skin for long but it does work quite quickly!  For anyone that suffers from back pain or sore backs, this is a great product to have in your home. I know Mike was glad to have it around at the end of his workdays at the warehouse!

The Lakota Triple Action Back Pain pills, Mike started taking. He took them for a week and found they helped his back pain. He now takes them instead of the over the counter pain pills he was taking. And I am happy with that! I rather he take natural pills.




As everyone knows with age sometimes goes the sleep. Mike is finding this more and more, while I can sleep like a baby anytime, anywhere! It also doesn’t help that sometimes Mike is in pain from his back and always is tossing and turning. Mike was looking forward to trying them. As soon as he saw them he stated“Oh good now maybe I can sleep!”  He took 2 pills with a night time snack and got ready for bed. In the morning he stated “It was the best sleep I had in a long time.” I didn’t feel him tossing and turning. These will be something we will keep around for him. If it helps him to get some rest, I am all for it!







Lakota Muscle Pain Roll-On is odorless and non-greasy. The natural pepper extract reduces pain in minutes and leaves you feeling better. Muscle pain can stop you from doing your daily life. You will feel better faster with the Lakota Muscle Pain Roll-On. Great for muscle pain if you are athletic and exercise often.

Lakota Maximum Strength Muscle Pain pills is a great product if you have pain from overuse or intense exercise. Provides you relief for those times you may have been pushing your body too hard. Great for those that are athletic and into sports regularly.



Lakota Extra Strength Arthritis pills relieve joint pain that are associated to arthritis. Helps to repair and product connective tissue. It is an amazing product for those that are struggling with arthritis. I have many relatives struggling with arthritis and it is good to know there is a natural product for people. The pills are yeast free, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free! There are no artificial preservatives or flavours. So if you have a special diet but you are dealing with arthritis, the Lakota Extra Strength Arthritis pills are for you.

Lakota Extra Strength Soft Touch Pain Reliever is for relief of aches and pains from arthritis , sprains and back pain. Unlike the other roll-ons , this one has a soft touch applicator to apply the product.  It is non-greasy like the other roll-ons.

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Lakota Arthritis Roll-On provides temporary relief from pain. It is fast acting and great for anyone dealing with arthritis pain. The roll on is easy to use!

Lakota Joint Care Helps relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is yeast free, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. So perfect for those with a special diet!


Lakota has Canine Joint Care for the little fur babies in your life! My fur baby Darby took the pill no problem! He actually gobbled it up so fast! I love that they are shaped in little bones. This will help my fur baby to maintain joint health and prevent against deterioration of joint cartilage. It also helps relieve pain of canine arthritis. I love that it will help Darby. I am very protective of my baby!

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You can purchase these and other Lakota products on their website HERE or at these stores:

  • Shoppers

  • Walmart

  • London Drugs

  • Jean Coutu

  • Safeway

  • Overwartea

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