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I love to bake but when I am in a rush I like to keep it easy.

Today is the end of school for my kids.  So night I did what many parents do the night before the last day, I baked.

But I really was short on time so I thought well Lego Brownies it is. (it helps they are a frugal treat too!)

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Lego Brownies:


  • Box of Brownie Mix

  • Icing

  • Food Colouring (multiple colours)

  • Smarties

  • may also need eggs, vegetable oil etc. (check your brownie box for directions.)


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  1. Make brownies. (Use directions on the box. ) or make them homemade. Whatever you decide!

  2. Let them cool for about an hour.

  3. Once cooled cut into rectangles.

  4. Take the icing and put it in small containers. Pick your food colouring colour. Drop a few drops in and stir until colour is mixed through.

  5. Ice the small rectangle piece of brownie.

  6. put same colour smarties on the bar  to make it look like a lego block!

  7. Do step 4-6 with various colours.

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  1. Treen Goodwin
    July 22, 2014 / 9:48 am
    Oh so cool .. this would be awesome for my grandson , he loves to play with lego's...awesome thanks so much for sharing :)

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