Low Fat Orange Creamsicle Cake


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Found this recipe on pinterest! 

Simple to do and great for potlucks, parties, or just because. 

Here is this simple recipe! Enjoy! 


Orange Creamsicle Cake 

What You Need:

1 Box of White Cake Mix

1 Container of Greek Yogurt (plain non-fat)

1 Cup of Orange Juice

Orange Zest (optional)

Powdered Sugar (optional)


In a large bowl combine cake mix, yogurt and orange juice. (zest of one orange if you wish)

Mix and then pour batter into an 8×8 cake pan.

Bake at 350 oF for 30-33 mins

Make sure middle is done with a fork or toothpick (clear of batter.)

Take out and serve (dust with powder sugar )

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