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Thinking about redecorating your home? How about giving your place a mid-century modern look? This design movement, which took place from the 30s up till the 60s in America, integrates very well with today’s modern rooms. In fact, due to the simplicity and functionality of its designs, many people have grown up with mid-century furniture without even realizing it. This movement is characterized by organic shapes, straight lines, and other minimalist features. If you want to bring this modern classic design to your home, here are some things to consider.


Interior background of living room with wooden side table and armchair 3d rendering

Natural wood

Most original mid-century furniture pieces are made of wood. While many people would like to believe this is still the case today, what’s often sold as wooden furniture is actually engineer-pressed wood. Although this seems  like a more affordable alternative, you can easily notice the difference.a Furniture made from real wood has more visual depth that comes from the texture and colours of the woodgrain. So if you want to create a more authentic and natural look, choose furniture that’s mostly made of organic materials.


A modern and spacious living room

Color palette

When people think about a minimalist style, what often comes to mind is a stark room that’s either in black, white, or grey. While this may appear chic for some, these rooms are often too cold and sterile.In contrast, mid-century contemporary designs provide a happy medium when it comes to simplicity and color. It incorporates elements of minimalist while still using a variety of colours and patterns. For starters, it’s good to use neutral or muted colours such as light grey for the walls. Once a calming base is established, more colours can be added with furniture or other accents if desired. Consider adding bright cushions to add charm and personality to your bedroom furniture or sofas.



Modern hipster living room interior with wooden floor, armchair, open space with light, decoration, brick wall. Kitchen in the back, and green wall. Horizontal render. no people.

Nostalgic bars

Add fun and sophistication to your living room or dining room by adding a small bar cart. Wheeled carts in particular are worth looking into because they are mobile and do not occupy too much space.


3d rendering white modern design kitchen with lamp

Funky lighting fixtures

While mid-century furniture designs are comprised of clean lines and neutral colours, the lighting fixtures are a lot funkier and innovative. It’s easy to incorporate mix-match hanging fixtures with standing lamps or even add a bedroom chandelier, as it contrasts with the overall simple design elements of the room.




More variety

Because mid-century contemporary design elements are simple and work well with modern interiors, it’s no surprise that this style is gaining in popularity. As a result, more furniture designs and decor are available to compliment this movement, giving you more variety to choose from.





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