Moving This Summer? Here's A Few Basic Tips & Checklists


We have moved sooo many times ~ we’ve become pros at it!  

We actually moved into our last place that was literally 2 blocks away and it was just as much work as moving across the province!

Here’s a checklist of the most important things to think about when preparing for your moving day:


 Determine what items are to be discarded and hold garage sale or give away

 If doing some of your own packing, arrange to purchase cartons/boxes

 Advise post office of new address and effective date

Send change of address to:
Telephone and Cell Phone Company
Schools & Work
Bank and credit card companies
Government – provincial & federal
Vehicle registration & insurance
Power, gas or oil
Drivers license

Obtain veterinarian records for pets if leaving the area

Ensure pets have a safe place to be in the new place with food & water for the day

Arrange to have utilities disconnected & reconnected at destination

Arrange for telephone disconnection & new connection for moving day

Forward you mail with Canada Post

Defrost refrigerator and freezer

Discard flammables, including aerosols, propane tanks, etc.

Drain fuel from lawn mower and other power equipment

Collect valuables to be taken on your person (i.e. jewelry, documents etc.)

Make a floor plan of new residence for yourselves & the movers

Pack an overnight bag for each of you ~ you won’t find anything the next day otherwise!


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