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If you had a game show knock on your door right now – and you had 1 minute to find the following items to win a Million Dollars…

Would you win?

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Restaurant Coupons
  • Vet Record, Receipts, & List of their medical history including history of vet appointments
  • Sport, Childcare receipts for you Income Tax Next Year
  • Families doctor appointment cards, parking receipts and prescription receipts for next years Income Tax.
  • Notes from School (Outline important information for the class trip 2 weeks from now)
  • Instruction Manuals & Warranty Cards
  • Receipts for charity donations for your Income Tax Next year
  • Back up paper with emergency contacts, families medication list, allergies medical conditions & MSI #’s

How many of us would score?

I’m guessing not an overwhelming amount; however it doesn’t need to be that way, nor does it need to cost an arm and a leg to organize yourself!  I grabbed a few of these presentation folders from the Dollar store; they vary from $1.50-$2.00. They are approx 1/4 inch thick and have 20 clear pages inside! We cut out pages from magazines, puppy manuals to make our front cover !  You can see Pooh Bear’s Medical slot ! His vet record, immunization chart and medical history, cards for previous vet check ups!

IMG_5465 (522x640)IMG_5464 (478x640)



The one pictured is our “Medical” one ! When you add, myself and my husband, 4 kids + 1 granddaughter + 4 dogs + 1 cat = 12 slots filled 🙂 Add one for the emergency contacts, Family Medication List, Allergies, Medical Conditions, MSI info your pretty much full !

  • Each person has a “slot” when we come back from the doctor we simply put our appointment card, receipt from prescriptions, etc in our slot ! At the end of each year we can simple “file” our book in the filing cabinet to have everything hand for your taxes, etc”
  • Each animal has a “slot” as well which makes it super easy to keep track of everything !
  • Emergency Contact & Important Number list . I don’t mean 911 necessarily but if you had to leave your house in an emergency; given 20 seconds to “get out” and didn’t have your cell phone, would you know the number to your mother in law? Your insurance company? What’s the policy number? What the phone number to your 2nd child’s friends mom ? No idea huh? Be nice to have wouldn’t it 🙂 Do you know what number you need to call to cancel your credit cards? Without having the credit card or your cell in hand?
  • Medical Conditions While most people in the house are sort of  aware of everyone’s medical condition; in the event of an emergency can they pass on vital information? Do they know something important? Are you in a blended family? I know in our home, our 4 kids consist of 2 he brought to the relationship, 2 I brought into the relationship and a grand baby who developed during the relationship.  My daughter Tylia is 11 now and while everyone in the family could tell you about her current medical condition I’m honestly not sure if I shared that when she was 3 months old she took an allergic reaction to the whopping caught vaccine and went into seizures. Or did I remember to tell him everything important about her anemia when she was a toddler or  did I explain all the details of her extra ribs she has growing off C7 in her spine? In an emergency many people panic and can’t recall simple things such as their address much less important details A simple sheet of paper with any medical history can make a HUGE difference for first responders and medical personnel.
  • Current Medications You do not need to write them all out simply take your receipt from the drug store and put the amount portion in the personal slot and place the medication history portion for each family member in this slot for easy access IMG_5478 (640x632). See how it has vital information that could be helpful 🙂
  • Medication Fact Sheets I am sure you are well aware of the side effects of the medication you have been taking for the last 5 years however in the event of an emergency do those close to you know? When you get a new medication the pharmacist always includes a sheet that talks about side effects, etc. Simply put them in the Fact Sheet slot and they are available for easy access.
  • Allergies We have a sheet that has all the families, including the pet’s allergies !  It’s easy access to check something to prevent unnecessary medical emergencies. Allergies are not just to medications, they can be to foods, environment, etc This is great for child care providers, someone dog sitting, etc.
  • MSI/Dog Tag I use a slot to put the paper that comes with our health card that shows the health card number, expiry, and when it’s time to renew. If something should happen that you misplace your health card, you will have easy access to the information you need. I also put our  dog’s tag renewal notices in there for each access and any excess tags the dogs have. Our little Willow is 6 lbs soak and wet; she’s an inside dog, I can’t imagine seeing her trying to hold up her town dog tag, her rabies shot dog tag and various other “here’s how to find me tags”  If she goes for a walk with us we put on her town tag, if she’s out in her run (which usually is supervised for a bit to get some air and stretch) she has her how to find me tag on, encase she got out and ran some how.

That is ONE of three books I have!

The next book is for food~
  • Restaurant Menus You can never find them when you want them 🙂 Just slide them in their slot 🙂
  • Fast Food Coupons You can easily find them if you give them a slot!
  • Recipes I use the rest of the slots in this book for those receipts you cut off food packages, ripped out of the magazine, printed off line, etc While I’m fully aware your going to “do something with them” until you get around to that; it’s  a great place to store them.

The Third and Final Books is for Instructions Manuals and Warranties~

  • I use 2 slots for each room of the house; Kitchen Slot one has all the instruction manuals, Slot 2 has all the warranty cards & receipts. We do this for each room of the house!

Total cost out of pocket approx $6.00 We have our books in the drawer in the kitchen close to the front door!

Easy, Handy, Organized, Basic


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