Pip the Ostrich & Sam Sense Children’s Books Review


Sam Sense & Pip the Ostrich Children's Book Review #ChildrensLit #ChildrensBook #Review #Reading #Books

Since my children were little, I have always encouraged reading. My daughter picked up reading early on but preferred to read comic like books. While my son loved books that made him laugh or learn.


Pip the Ostrich and Sam Sense Children's Book Review #ChildrensBook #review #PipTheOstrich #SamSense

Pip the Ostrich & Sam Sense is perfect for those that love big coloured pictures that go along with a great story.  Both books are written by siblings. It has been on my bucket list to write a book, and both these children at a young age accomplished it.

Both these books were made for children, by children. Who knows what kids want more when reading a story?

Pip the Ostrich Children's Book Review #Review #ChildrensLit #Childrensbook #Reading #books

Pip the Ostrich

Written by Emily Shahin || Illustrated by Christine Flores and Mark Wilson || Published by ARCHER

This story is about a beautiful friendship between a young ostrich and a little girl. This story is based on a true story.

A young girl takes an ostrich egg home and and it hatches. Out comes Pip the Ostrich. They become friends and go on so many adventures together.

Our Review:

The illustrations for the books made my son and I laugh. I love when Emily is explaining how Pip loved milk and sugar in the morning, with a bit of coffee. (My kind of ostrich.) Even though my son is 11 years old, he enjoyed the story and laughed at the pictures. This story makes you wish you had a Pip the Ostrich of your very own. I can’t wait to share this story with my little niece.

Another great part of the book is the Ostrich information at the back of the book and pictures of Pip hatching. This book is a must have in your children’s book collection.

About the Author

Emily Shanin - Author of Pip the Ostrich

Emily Shanin is an imaginative 10 year old who loves animals. She wrote Pip the Ostrich when she was nine. She loves Girl Scouts, her dog Lulu, her smartphone, the library and hanging out with friends.

Sam Sense Epic Survival Tips for Awesome Kids #Review #ChildrensLit #Reading #Books #ChildrensBooks

Sam Sense: Epic Survival Tips for the Awesome Kids
Written by Sam Shahin || Illustrated by Christine Flores || Published by ARCHER 

Sam is seven years old, and he has some epic survival tips! From toasting marshmallows to sliding in to home base, doing homework before dinner so you can watch TV afterward, to singing and dancing along with your tablet so your parents will think you’re exercising.

Our Review:

This book is a fun book to read because kids can relate to these ideas. The pictures are colourful and fun for your child. Spencer really enjoyed this book because it had a lot of humour. Spencer agreed with the tip that you don’t play Zombie video games late at night. Another story that I plan on sharing with my little niece when they visit next.

 This is the perfect “tip” book for your awesome boy or girl.

About the Author

Sam Shahin loves school, and even though his teachers are tearing out their hair, they love him too. His wit infuses his observations of everyday life as a youngster. Everyone who meets Sam, becomes his friend.


Where you can purchase these books:

Click here to purchase Pip the Ostrich

Click here to purchase Sam Sense Epic Tips for Awesome Kids

Or check out your local Chapters book store.



Click here to purchase Pip the Ostrich

Click here to purchase Sam Sense: Epic Tips for Awesome Kids

Or check out your local book store.


I was provided these books to review but the opinion expressed are my own. 

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