Traveling Around With a Scoot & Ride Highway Freak



We had the chance to review the Scoot & Ride Highway Freak recently with Spencer.



I have to say this was one of my favourite reviews. We had been talking about maybe getting Spencer a scooter since he has very bad anxiety over his bike. Without his training wheels he is afraid to fall.

He has very poor balance so it makes him nervous on a bike. We thought maybe with a scooter he would gain the knowledge of balancing without the fear of falling.

So when it arrived I pulled it out right away.

I have to say the actual put together took seconds and it was so easy. There is also stickers on it to inform you how to switch it from a scooter to a push-bike.

I had his helmet and his Scoot & Ride Highway Freak ready for him. When he walked up to the porch I brought it out to show him.



He was very excited to try it out. (Which was a relief for me. Sometimes new physical activities is a fight because he fears getting hurt.)

He put on his helmet and away he went. Up and down the sidewalk as if he has always owned this scooter. It was amazing as a parent to watch him since he rarely just freely tries something new.


Since that day he has wanted to take his Scoot & Ride Highway Freak everywhere. He rides it to the store with me, down the sidewalk while Mike and Hayley are playing with the RC car out front of our house and just because he wants to ride around.

Now he can keep up with his friends who are riding their bikes around while he rides his Scoot & Ride Highway Freak. If I had known he would have loved it. We would have picked one up sooner!

Spencer gives his Scoot & Ride Highway Freak 2 thumbs up!



I love that he has a lot of confidence riding it. If I had known how well he would take to it, I would have picked one up sooner! If your child is nervous on the bike, I recommend trying a Scoot &  Ride Highway Freak.

Features of the Scoot & Ride Highway Freak:

  • Height Adjustable handle-bar
  • Anti-slip Sandpaper on the scooter
  • Back Brake
  • Slider Changes Scooter to Push-Bike
  • No tools needed to assemble
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Soft EVA seat
  • Kick stand

Ideal for children ages 3 to 6 years and can carry up to 50 kgs. (110lbs)

The handle-bar is adjustable at 2 levels to help with ergonomic posture while riding either as a scooter or a push-bike.

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I received the product above to review but all my opinions on this blog are my own.
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