Summertime = Bee Stings ~ What's Your Cure?

bee_stingIt never fails.  Every summer at least of us will get a bee sting. What’s the best treatment?  I’ve tried them all…

Removing the stinger is always the first thought – but here are some helpful cures for those painful sting sites that I came across recently.  Some of them sound a little “out there” to me – but I suppose you never know until you try!

“Sweet oil, applied immediately, cures the sting of wasps and bees; and if the sting is left in the wound, it should, if possible, be extracted with tweezers” 
“Spread a plaster of salad oil and common salt”
“Immediately after taking out the stinger, get an onion and slice it, and apply it to the stung place, and it will give immediate relief”
“Reduce swelling with a paste of baking soda and water” 
“The treatment in ordinary cases consists in extracting the stinger and applying some vinegar and water, or an ammonia based solution.” 
“For bee sting put a pinch of cut tobacco on it”
“Immediate relief from a bee sting can be secured by covering it with a piece of lean raw meat.” 

“Rub a bee sting with the juice from peppermint leaves.”


“A mixture of vinegar and clay applied to a bee sting.”

“Castor oil is said to be an infallible remedy for the stings of bees and other insects. It appears to counteract the venom.” 

“If you would prefer to treat bee stings naturally, use fresh cow manure.”

“A fresh tomato leaf is said to be a perfect cure for a bee sting.”

“After removing the stinger, rub parsley leaves, wormwood, mint, or fresh honeysuckle berries to treat the pain”

“Rubbing a wet aspirin on the area where you were stung can help neutralize some of the inflammatory agents in the venom”

“Another home remedy for bee stings is to tape a penny over the sting area and leave it on for at least 15 minutes.”

“Take fresh papaya, and slice off a slice. Apply it to the bee stings for about 1 hour.”

“Lime water, ammonia water and camphor are excellent remedies” 

“Coconut oil relieves the itching, pain, and swelling of bee stings”


What’s YOUR best treatment for summer bee stings?


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  1. Trina Goodwin
    October 29, 2013 / 12:02 pm
    wow i didn't know all these great tips thanks !

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