Earn Points Towards FREE Giftcards!! Swagbucks Makes It Happen!



Do you have Swagbucks?


If you don’t, you may want to sign up for it! The reason is by searching the web , playing games, doing surveys , buying online or even watching videos, you can earn points towards free gift cards!

I have earned a lot of points so far to get gift cards. (for places like amazon.ca, barnes & nobel etc.) I tend to favour amazon.ca the most.

I do it mainly by watching videos on Swagbucks and searching the web. I search the web often for stuff so it allows me to earn while I do something I normally do.

It takes very little time to build up your points to get a gift card!


It is a free service. All you have to do is sign up! A great way to earn a few gift cards for the holiday season! I just ordered 2 $5 Amazon.ca gift cards with my points!




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