Spring Cleaning with the Oreck Venture Pro Bagged Canister Vacuum

Oreck Venture Pro

The Oreck® Venture™ Pro Bagged Canister Vacuum is perfect for cleaning up the floors, furniture and curtains.

In my home, my son and I have a lot of allergies year rounds that can be a problem and cause us to be uncomfortable.

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Oreck® Airvantage HEPA Air Purifier

Oreck Air Vantage HEPA Air Purifier


I have a love/hate with spring and summer. The reason for that is allergy season. My son and I both have seasonal allergies but Spencer has them worse. He is allergic to dust, pollen, feathers and grass. So that is why I have a love/hate relationship with spring and summer. I love being able to go out and not freeze or worry about snow. But I hate dealing with the allergy season for myself or my son. I hate seeing my poor son deal with all these environmental allergies.

The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier changed my feelings about my love/hate reaction to spring and summer.

3-Stage Filteration System

The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier traps allergens, dust and odor with the advanced 3-stage filteration; HEPA, Charcoal odor remover, and VOC filter. If you find you have a lot of dust or have an issue with your house smelling musty. The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier is the purifier you would want in your home to help clean your air.

The HEPA and VOC filter lasts 6 months and the Charcol odor remover
lasts 3 months I love that it traps all the dust, allergens and odor without having to keep changing them. There is also an indicator light that comes on when it is time to change your filter so there is no guessing on when you last put a new filter in. Also a handy remote control so you don’t have to get up to the purifier to turn it on. Very handy if you are in your bedroom and don’t want to get out of your bed to have it running during the night. Another bonus is that it is quiet. So it won’t disturb you while it is running.

Oreck® AirVantage HEPA Air Purifier -review

I ran the Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier for a month at various times when we needed it. Then I decided at the end of the month to it up and check the filter. I was shocked by the dust and pollen in the filter. I could see how it was cleaning my home. I have to say I was very impressed.

The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier also traps odor. My house is old and sometimes when we have been gone away for a weekend without airing out the house, I found that it has an odor that sometimes comes with older homes. The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier gets rid of that quickly and leaves the house smelling fresh. Cleaner air for your whole family to breathe.

The Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier is available at Canadian Tire in August 2016. 

Find out about how you can have cleaner floors with the Oreck® Venture Pro Bagged Canister Vacuum. Removing dirt, pollen and allergens from your floors and furniture. Check out my review here.

Check out my video below as I show how easy it is to use the Oreck® AirVantage™ HEPA Air Purifier.

I received the Oreck® AirVantage™  HEPA Air Purifier to try but the opinions are my own.

Fight Allergy Season with Boogie Wipes



 boogie wipes


Most people have seasonal allergies but in our house it is year round.

My allergies are more seasonal. I get a stuffy nose and runny eyes. Nothing to exciting but it can be draining.

But my 10 year old Spencer has a huge list of allergies that aren’t seasonal.

  • dogs
  • cats
  • dustmites
  • mold
  • horses
  • feathers


Any one of these allergies makes him break out in hives, watery eyes, sneezing and cough. But the worse for him is the daily stuffy nose. It really frustrates him and you can tell because he can’t breathe well.




Kandoo and Boogie Wipes sent a package to us to review for this allergy season.

It came with:

  • Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses
  • Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath (For Sensitive skin)
  • Boogie Mist Gentle Saline Mist for Stuffy Noses (Grape Scent)
  • Travel Case for Boogie Wipes


boogie wipes mist

The first thing Spencer wanted to try was the NEW Boggie Mist Gentle Saline Mist for Stuffy Noses. It was easy to use. He used it himself without assistance from me. All I did was tell him how to do it. It was a shock at first but he actually asks for it daily. We saw the Allergist the week after we tried the saline mist and she was happy he was using it. She stated it would help him breathe a lot better.

NEW Boogie Mist is something I will be keeping in my home for now on especially with Spencer’s long list of allergies.



The Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses allow relief without making your nose raw. I hate when my nose gets sore from wiping it. I was even using these wipes. I find they don’t make your nose irritated especially if you have a cold or allergies. I think this will be replacing facial tissues in our home to give us relief that facial tissue doesn’t.


simply suds

Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath is great. A lot of soaps irritate Spencer’s skin but Kandoo Simply Suds allows Spencer to have a bubble bath without the irritation most soaps bring. It is great that there is a product that allows all children to enjoy a bubble bath. Even Moms can use this for a relaxing tub time.



Boogie Wipes & Kandoo make living with allergies a little easier so children (and adults) can enjoy their day!

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I received the above listed package for review. But the opinions on this blog are my own.