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Perfect Threads Inc. Review and Coupon Code for Canadian Basics Fans!

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Looking over the Perfect Threads Inc. website , you can see that this is a great online company that will not only help those of you at home, but also families in need!

A great way to buy gently-used clothing for your children or donating them without leaving your home!

How It Works:

You go to the site and get a donation bag where you can donate clothing to the Perfect Threads Inc. and the money they get from selling the clothing in that bag, goes to charity

Or you can get a Clean out bag for your clothes to go in (where you get paid in credit for the online store, for the clothing) CLICK HERE FOR EITHER BAG

For both bags shipped to and from you is free. (when ready for a bag to be picked up CLICK HERE to contact them to get UPS to come)

They purchase clothing that is at a 3-4-5 star level. (no matter the brand)

Any other clothing gets donated to families in need.

All 3 star level clothing goes into what is called a Bargain Box. That box costs $7.99 (they have no rips and tears but are well loved clothing)

You can also purchase clothing for your children at the Perfect Threads Inc. website!

When you purchase clothing you have to pay for the shipping. (unless $50 and more then it is FREE SHIPPING!)

It is that simple!

I ordered a pair of pants and sweater for Spencer, my 8 year old. A sweater from Old Navy and a pair of George pants.

I placed the order by Monday afternoon and had them by Thursday afternoon! I never have fast service with my mail so that was amazing!

I opened the package and the clothes looked exactly what I saw on the site. I was happy with them and will be purchasing more from Perfect Threads Inc. !

(If when shipping out there is a minor imperfection on it, they will note the imperfection with one of our Fabulous Freebie stickers and refund the amount as store credit in the form of Gift Certificate so you can buy a replacement item. The good news is that you still get the item and it is FREE!)

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I also received a donation bag and a clean out bag.

We filled them both. I probably could have used another bag as well!

I recommend anyone to try out Perfect Threads Inc! Even if you don’t want to buy, donating or selling clothing to them is so easy!

Other places want you to travel somewhere to donate or sell them. With Perfect Threads, you do it right from your home!

The stuff you place in a Clean Out gives you credit to more clothing at Perfect Threads Inc or you can donate it to Sick Kids and receive a tax receipt for $20 or more!



Not only do they already have amazing prices for clothing, you can also save yourself an additional 10% by using the code for Canadian Basics fans!

When you check out the box at the top will say coupon code place in PTDW081113 ( Free Shipping for all orders of $50 or more)

couponcode number


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WOW! SwiPets Review and Giveaway!! If You Have A #Cat, Check This Out!

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I was happy to be asked to do a review about SwiPets!

We have a long haired Siamese named Coco and her hair gets EVERYWHERE!




Before it came I watched the videos on the site.

It was amazing what this SwiPets glove could do!

  • Reduced dander and allergens from the home (which was a big plus to me because Spencer (my 9 year old) is allergic to cats. (we just found out this summer)

  • Pick up cat hair from hard to reach areas (like down inside couches etc.) thanks to the versatile design.

  • Machine washable! Could be used over and over again!

  • So simple to use, my kids could use it to help.

You can check out the videos HERE to see more demonstrations of what the SwiPets glove can do!


When it arrived I tried it on Mike’s chair. Coco sleeps on that chair when Mike is gone. I think she misses him and that’s her way of being close to him.

So I put the glove on. It fit my hand perfectly.

Ran the glove along where she sleeps in the chair and in between the cushion and the side of the recliner.

I was impressed! I really didn’t think there was hair down the side but it picked it up!

And when I was done, all I had to do was throw it in the machine to clean it so I could reuse it again! This should help calm Spencer’s allergies to cats.

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If you have a cat or a long haired dog, this is a must need in your home!

You can purchase the SwiPets gloves HERE

As part of our BIG Valentine’s Day Giveaway on Canadian Basics and Coupon Nannie,

SwiPets is offering our fans a chance to win one (1) white double pack glove pack!!

Contest ends on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14/14)

Be sure to thank them for sponsoring this great contest!

Can’t wait for the contest to see if you win? You can use the following coupon
code: LUVSWIPETS and you will receive 20%
off each item you order from the store at

Good Luck!!


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