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My son is a huge Dino Dan fan. Spencer loves watching the movies and enjoys them time and time again. Spencer has a television in his own room so he can watch one movie before bed and he usually chooses one from the Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures series.

The Dino Dan movies have several stories included in them to keep your child entertained. It is a great reason to pop in a movie and have a family movie night at home with popcorn!

Dino Busters Review Giveaway

Dino Dan Dino Busters || NCircle Entertainment || 90 minutes approx. running time. 

Join junior dinosaur expert Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world dinobusters edition! When his friends come over, Trek tells them the story of a haunted house, which turns out to not have ghosts but instead has dinosaurs! Who ya gonna call? Dinobusters! Enjoy six more dino-rrific adventures with Trek and friends!

You can get a free app and scan the picture to see a Pterodaustro come to life!

Mack & Moxie Review and Giveaway

Mack & Moxy The Great Helpee Heroes || NCircle Entertainment 

Join Mack, a lovable, moose-like lummox, and Moxy, a feisty whirlwind of a raccoon/fox go-getter, on four exciting adventures! Together with a helpful Trooper, Mack & Moxy set out to rescue another Great Helpee in a far off mystical place called HelpeeLand. Along the way, Mack & Moxy meet a new Friend in Need who ends up teaching us a new important cause. Let’s embark on the first adventure! Mack & Moxy set out on a colorful adventure to HelpeeLand in search of a Great Helpee. Along the way, they met Nolie, a loveable little puffball who has never had any friends to play with. As the Heroes become her first friends, they share and sing about the joys of reading books. Guest celebrity, Josh Duhamel (Transformers, All My Children), helps the Heroes mission in support of Save the Children, providing quality preschool programs to underserved children around the world since 1932. In this DVD, Mack & Moxy introduce us to Save the Children, American Red Cross, Feeding America, and World Wildlife Fund. Other guest celebrities featured include Kal Penn (House M.D., How I Met Your Mother) and Eva LaRue (CSI Miami, All My Children). Mack & Moxy teaches children life-long lessons of charity and compassion while celebrating the joy of helping others.

Great lessons for kids to learn! My niece loves Mack & Moxy and I love that it teaches her great lessons while she watches. I also enjoy that Mack & Moxy share about great charity programs that are available.

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Dino Dan Tyrannosaurus Trek Video



Spencer and I had the pleasure of watching Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures Tyrannosaurus Trek by NCircle Entertainment for a review!

When it came in the mail, Spencer was excited to watch it. My son loves dinosaurs! So I felt like this review was a great one for him!

dino dan

We sat down together on the couch and put in the movie. The movie consists of 5 stories and it is approx. 60 minutes in total.

The only downfall I found with this movie was there were no closed-captioning. I am hearing impaired so I had to use my hearing aids in order to watch it. I ended up missing somethings that the actors say in the movie.

The movie was great for learning about dinosaurs and how they lived and thrived in prehistoric times. It really helped with Spencer learning more about dinosaurs but in a fun way!

Spencer loved the adventures! The best part as it had humour in it that even made me laugh! As most parents understand, watching children’s movies can be boring. But this one was enjoyable to watch with Spencer! I don’t mind when he puts this one to watch!  Spencer says he gives this movie “2 thumbs up!”


Spencer’s review:

“The only thing I didn’t like was it was too short. I want more! My new best movie!”


Right now Dino Dan Tyrannosaurus Trek is on sale at the NCircle Entertainment website for $11.99! What a great price!

It would make a great gift for any child in your life especially if they enjoy dinosaurs like Spencer.

On the back of the movie case is a fossil! On your iPad, iPod, iPhone or any touch screen product and go to the app store to download Dino Dan Dino Player!

Install the app and follow the directions to make the dinosaur come alive! It is great fun for any age level to see the dinosaur.

We had a Gigantosaurus fossil.


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*I received Dino Dan Tyrannosaurus Trek movie to review but the opinions of this product is mine alone.