#Sponsored Kiss Naturals #DIY Moisturizing Cream Kit Review & Giveaway

Kiss Naturals DIY Moisturizing Cream Kit Review & Giveaway!

Hayley and I sat down to try out the Kiss Naturals DIY Moisturizing Cream Kit at the table one evening. Hayley loves to make things so this was a perfect time to make something for herself.

Again just like the Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Balm Kit, we watched the video on the Kiss Naturals site. There is also instructions on the box we can use but we like to watch the visual aid to make sure we are doing it right!

We made up all 6 of the little bottles.

We did one of each fragrance for each of us.

So easy to make!


The Kiss Naturals DIY Moisturizing Kit comes with 3 fragrance oil bottles. Chocolate (YES CHOCOLATE!!!!) , Jasmine and Rose.

It also comes with 1 Moisturizing cream base and 6 mini bottles for you to fill.

You also receive a syringe, small measuring cup and 2 little spatulas.

The best part about all Kiss Natural DIY kits is that they are all natural.

There are no fillers, dyes, additives or synthetics in any of their products.

The box is even eco-friendly!

These Kiss Naturals DIY kits are perfect gifts for any child in your life.

CLICK HERE to purchase a Kiss Naturals kit


kiss naturals


Kiss Naturals would like to offer 1 Canadian Basics fan a chance to WIN their own Kiss Naturals DIY Moisturizing Lotion Kit!

Open to Canadian Residents 18+

Ends September 19/14

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** I received a Kiss Naturals DIY Moisturizing Kit to review but the opinions in this post are my own.


5 Things to Do with Coffee Grounds


Lots of products in our homes have unconventional uses. 

Coffee Grounds have many uses that can help you in your daily life. (Besides waking you up in the morning! lol)







  1. Before you clean out the fireplace, sprinkle wet coffee grounds on the ashes. They will be easier to remove and dust wont fly up!

  2. Get rid of the smell of spoiled food in the freezer. Place used or fresh coffee grounds in a few bowls and leave it overnight.

  3. Old coffee grounds are chock-full of nutrients that your acidic-loving plants crave. Save them to fertilize rosebushes, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, and camellias. So don’t throw them out! Add them to your plants! 

  4. Cats will not venture into your gardens if you use orange peels and coffee grounds in them.

  5. Make your own cellulite cream! Mix 1/4 cup of water, used coffee grounds with 1 teaspoon of oil. (olive, almond, walnut or massage oil. ) Stand on newspaper in the bathtub. Apply mixture in your cellulite areas and then wrap in plastic wrap. Leave on for 5 minutes. Take off the plastic wrap and brush off loose grounds.  Take up the grounds with the newspaper and than shower in warm water. Repeat twice a week.

#DIY Watering Globe

DIY Watering Globes


Going away for a week and worried about your house plants?


beckUse your old glass bottles from your beer, pop bottles etc.

Fill with water and stick the spout in the dirt.

Going away even longer? Use a wine bottle.

These bottles are free and most of us have some sort of bottle in our recycling box.

The best part is these bottles are free and save us from spending money on watering globes.

An easy DIY tip that will help keep your plants alive when you aren’t home!

Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover Jar! #DIY

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nail polish remover jar



Purchase sponges and nail polish remover from the dollar store

Either use a clean jar you have or purchase one also from the dollar store.

When it runs out just add more nail polish remover. (Change the sponge after  month or so of uses)



#DIY Ideas To Organize Your Home



These DIY hacks are a great way to organize your home. 

Simple to do and low cost! 

Don’t like Whiteboards? Use a picture frame glass. Find one to match your room and hang it.















Organize flip flops or flats with letter organizers.

flip flop







Organize snacks for the kids with a shoe organizer.

snack organizer











Most people don’t use cd racks anymore. So turn your cd rack into a organizer for your bathroom!

cd organizer




10 #DIY Tips And Tricks To Help Make Your Life Easier




Here is a list of 10 DIY tips and tricks to make your life easier!

               1. To preheat pizza without getting the crust soggy. Place piece of pizza in a non-stick skillet and heat on low until warm.


                2.  Divide leftover soup into muffin tins. Makes a perfect individual servings that you can just pop out and heat whenever you want them.



                 3. Need to hang a picture but there is nothing on the back to hang it from?  Take a tab from a soda can and attach it to the frame with a screw and hang the picture.



                4.Use a Lazy Susan in your fridge to organize your condiments. This will keep things from getting lost in the back of your fridge

                5. Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your paint. (1 tablespoon per gallon) It will not affect the paint but will mask the paint fumes and have your home smelling like vanilla.

                6. Tired of stopping at every floor every time you use the elevator? Hold the close door button and hold it while pressing your floor number. This will allow you to skip all floors and go right to yours.



                 7. Remove scruff marks on your floors with a dry tennis ball.

                 8. When packing liquids for your trip, (shampoo, lotion etc. ) screw lid off and place a piece of wrap plastic over the opening and screw lid back on. The plastic wrap will keep the liquid from spilling even if the lid pops open.

                9.  Rubbing butter at the edge of brick cheese will seal it and prevent it from molding.

               10. When cutting veggies or meat for recipes, use a pizza cutter. It will save more time then using a knife.




More Life Hacks




Life can get busy and hard.

Here are some life hacks that can make your life a little easier!



pancake bottle



Clean out an old ketchup bottle and use it to put pancake mix in. 

Easier to put pancakes in a pan. 

Less mess!




speakers iphone


No speaker system for your iPhone but want to listen to music?

Place your iPhone in a glass and it will amplify the sound! 









To remove residue from a shower head. 

Tie a baggie with vinegar in it around it and leave it overnight.

It will clean everything off with no work! 







Having a bbq?

A great way to serve condiments is using muffin tins! 

Buy the ones at the dollar store & you can just throw it out afterwards! 




cool down laptop

Cool down your laptop with an egg carton under it. 

When you buy farm fresh eggs save the cartons! 







Make Your Own Flower Pot From Recycled Material #DIY

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Recycled Flower Pot

Great craft idea!

Cheap and easy way to grow your plants indoors!

Materials You Would Need:

Spray Paint

Old CD Discs

Plastic 2L Bottles


Glue (kraz-e glue works or other glue from craft store for plastics)



garden pots [sam id=”11″ codes=”true”]



Cut bottle in half. (you can make wavy lines or straight)

Make sure lid is on tight on top part

Glue lid to the CD disk

Spray paint both halves (make sure it is outdoors when you spray paint.)

Fill with dirt and either a vegetable or flower

Put them up in your house



A Quick And Easy Way To Make a Slushie

With summer coming, kids want to beat the heat! 

I find the best way is to make up some homemade slushies. 

It allows you to use a flavour that you want that a store may not have. 


What you will need:

  • A blender

  • A drink you want to use for the taste of the slushie.

  • Ice

  • Glass

  • Spoon




  1. Put ice in blender

  2. Pour in your drink

  3. Blend until ice is crushed

  4. Pour in your glass

  5. Stir once to make sure it is well blended

  6. Enjoy!

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies


Fruit Flies are always an annoying part of Summer.

I found this was a easier way to get rid of them.

fruit flies

What You Need:

  • glass or cup

  • Rubber Band

  • Plastic Baggie (like a sandwich bag)

  • Scissors

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Pour about an inch of Apple Cider Vinegar in the glass.

  2. Then place baggie over glass and at the middle of the glass snip a hole. (Big enough for them to get in but not big enough for them to escape.)

  3. Use a rubber band to secure it on the glass.

  4. Place glass in an area that has a lot of fruit flies.

Also to prevent fruit flies try these tips:

  • Dispose of any rotting fruit & vegetables

  • Empty and clean recycling cans

  • Take any compost scraps outside

  • Replace old sponges , mops or dishrags

  • Check potato and onion bins (check if soft)

  • Fix slow drains.

  • Give kitchen a through scrubbing. (Use Spring Cleaning guide to help!)

  • Also try keeping sinks clean of organic matter.