Natural Goodness for Your Pet



Natural Goodness for Your Pet


In our home we have 3 pets that we love in our family.

We have a dog named Darby, a cat named Coco and an anole (lizard) named Bob.


Of course Bob lives off of crickets so I can’t really know exactly what is in his food supply but with Coco and Darby, I always want the more natural food for them because they are important to us. They are our family members and just like I wouldn’t want my children to put junk and poor food choices in their body.

Holistic Blend is perfect for your fur babies if you want more natural food and treat formulas for them.


What Goes In:

  • Free Range Meats
  • Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Herbs & Antioxidants


What Stays Out:

  • Animal By-products
  • Chemical Preservatives
  • Added Sugar
  • Added Salt
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Beet Pulp





Darby tried Premium Blend Chicken, Rice & Vegetables, Lamb & Rice, Marine 5 Fish and Turkey & Salmon.


Coco tried Turkey & Chicken, Marine 5 Blend and Chicken & Salmon.


They both tried Holistic Blend Natural Vitamins & Minerals which helps Natural Balance, Hair Balls and Colour Pigmentation.


Coco has a lot of problems with hair balls because she is a long haired Siamese cat.  We have tried food in the past to get rid of hair balls previously and it didn’t work. But with the Holistic Blend Dry Cat food and Natural Vitamins & Minerals helped her a lot. She hasn’t had a hair ball problem since trying these products.


Darby also tried Holistic Blend Peanut Butter Hearts and loved them.  The Peanut Butter Hearts are great if your dog has allergies. Also they are great to promote good dental health for your dog. It promotes fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums.

Holistic Blend also has Grain-Free Dog treats and Cat treats

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Buckslide Dog Treats #Review



As most of my family and friends know, my dog is my baby.

Darby is by my side all day long. (Even while I write this review he is laying beside me in a chair)

So it is very important to me to keep Darby healthy and happy!

canadian basics

(This bag had 3 other pieces in it but my children kept giving them to Darby before I could do the review!)

I was asked to do a review for Buckside Dog Treats, I jumped at the chance.


 Buckslide Dog treats are 100% natural! That  had me wanting to have Darby try them out!

Buckslide Dog Treats are dehydrated dog treats made from government inspected raw meat.

There are NO additives of any kind in these treats!

Just the best for your fur baby!

I gave them to Darby and he literally took it from my hand before I had a chance to snap a picture!

He never does that! So that proves to me he LOVES them!

canadian basics

I will be purchasing more for him.

I highly recommend them for your fur baby!

Canadian Basics(He wouldn’t let me show him eating it. lol) He was trying to get away so he could enjoy it in peace!

Buckslide Dog Treats are a Canadian Owned business owned by Pat Monaghan and Nancy Charlton

For information and pricing on the Buckslide Dog treats Contact Pat or Nancy by phone at 705-789-4655 or email

Buckslide Dog Treats are also on Facebook: CLICK HERE to go to their page

*I received a Buckslide Dog Treats variety pack for the review but my opinion is my own.