Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Lots of people suffer from aches and pains in their daily living. Mike has back pain from a work related injury. It isn’t fun living with aches and pains while trying to do things in your daily life. The aches and pains can affect your sleep. Lakota has lots of products to help you and your family to get relief.

lakota pm

Lakota® pm is a natural source sleep aid that will help give you pain relief. It is a gentle sleep aid that will allow you to get the 8 hours of sleep that you need. When you need relief from pain to sleep. Going natural with Lakota® is the best way to go.

Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever

Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever will give you relief in the area on your back that the pain is located. A simple to use roll-on applicator will allow you to get the relief that you need. I would suggest not to use the roll-on applicator after having a shower. It seems to make it burn from the pure pepper extract. But it does work well when you apply it.

Lakota® Triple Action Back Pain caplets

Lakota® Triple Action Back Pain caplets are also great for back pain relief. You can pair this with the Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever to give you maximum relief. The caplets are all natural and it is recommended to take with your meal. The caplets are Gluten free, Yeast free , Sugar free and Dairy free. They have no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. So you know that you are getting a natural source of medicine and it works for any special diets.

Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever

Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever is a must have if you are an adult active in sports. This roll-on pain reliever is also fast acting and odourless. It will give relief to aches from working out, injury or sprains. I know when I have a sprain, it feels like I am forced to stay down and relax. Sometimes that isn’t possible but with Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever, I can still do my mom duties.

Lakota® Muscle Pain Maximum Strength caplets

Lakota® Muscle Pain Maximum Strength caplets will give you relief naturally from your muscle pain. Just like the Lakota® Back Pain products, you can use the roll-on plus the caplets for maximum relief.

Lakota® Joint Care caplets

Lakota® Joint Care caplets will help you if you suffer from pain in your joints. This joint pills will help your repair your cartilage with mineral nutrients, give you pain relief plus a relief from the joints being inflamed with natural ingredients.

Darby with Lakota

Lakota® also offers help for dog with Lakota® Canine Joint Care tablets. These tablets are in the form of little bones that have a beef liver flavour. An all natural product to help your furbabies by giving them relief from joint pain. I remember being a child and seeing my grandmother’s dog in pain as he walked around. I wish we had these Canine Joint Care tablets to give him to relieve the pain.

To see more products available from Lakota click here

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Enter to win $150 Lakota® Prize Pack & $50 Amazon gift card

Open to Canada & US residents 18+

Ends March 8, 2016

One entry per household


150$ Lakota Prize AND 50$ Amazon

#Cause4PawsTO Fundraiser & Giveaway





Welcome to the #Cause4PawsTO Fundraiser & Giveaway

Cause 4 Paws  is a not for profit organization that

is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They work with animal rescuers across the globe and close to home to bring animals to loving

homes. Once they have rescued an animal, they work closely with the families to make sure the placement

has been a success. They follow up regularly and make sure they are in their forever loving


Cause4PawsTO is an approved Canadian rescue facility that helps to

rescue many animals from the busy streets of Toronto. They also bring in animals from high kill shelters from all over the


A Message from

Mom & Pop’s Business Cents…..

               I wanted to do something meaningful to help those in need while at the same time giving Canadians the opportunity to win some amazing products from some

 wonderful Canadian Companies…and that is how  #Cause4PawsTO Fundraiser & Giveaway was born.

Thank you for participating!! ChristineTopley (Mom & Pop’s Business Cents)

Many Many Many Wonderful Thanks

To the great Canadian Companies who are participating in this awesome event!

Nutrience *Paw Su-Creme * Pet Bling

 * Slobbers  

Crumps Naturals * Buckslide Dog Treats *  Raw for Petz * Northern Biscuit * PureBites


At this time I would like to give a glorious shout out to …..
NUTRIENCE: – For their above and beyond Donation to the Cause 4 Paws organization
4 SKIDS of FOOD -140 of their large bags of pet food (70 bags of dogs food and 70 bags of cat food)

PAW SU-CREME – their wonderful donation to give these furry friends a Spa Experience
Donated 20 STICKS & 10 TINS of the PAW Su-Creme Balm for dogs

To Allthe AWESOME Canadian Bloggers Helping Promote this Campaign

* Strictly CanadianWhole Mom * Share it with Erik * One Smiley Monkey * Your Contests Canada * Canadian Basics * Canadian Mom Reviews * Purple MonsterCoupons * Fru-Gals * Wendy’s Contests Galore * 4 The Love of Mommy * Kaley Davies

 PRIZE: Winner can choose between DOG or CAT
Dog owner: $59 value
·         2.5 kg Nutrience Grain Free dry food
·         Coupon for $10 off any bag of Nutrience dog or cat food, 5 kg or larger
·         Nutrience water tumbler
·         Nutrience reusable bag
·         Nutrience tennis tag-o-ward toy
Cat owner: $59 value
·         2.5 kg Nutrience Grain Free dry food
·         Coupon for $10 off any bag of Nutrience dog or cat food, 5 kg or larger
·         Nutrience water tumbler
·         Nutrience reusable bag
·         Rafia Mouse on Stick toy with catnip


PRIZE: 1 Gift Basket of Health Pet Treats $200 value


PRIZE: 1 DawgiePack: 
1 Cologne, 1 Tin Paw Su-Creme Balm for dogs & 1 Stick Paw Su-Creme Balm for dogs


PRIZE: 2 Dog Tags 
Silver Bone Dog Tags view here


PRIZE: Dog Treats Prize Pack Retail Value $61.94
1 Original Recipe, 1 Apple Pie Flavour, 1 Coconut Bananza, 1 Peanut Butter and Jam flavour and 1 Pumpkin Love flavour & Virgin Coconut Oil


PRIZE: 1(One) large 680g bag of Sweet Potato Chew


PRIZE: 1 Large Bag Mixed Treats


PRIZE: 1 Northern Pumpkin Pie Prize Pack Retail Value $20.00

Includes: Pumpkin related products, dental chew, soft and chewy bites and biscuits


PRIZE – Winner can choose between Dog or Cat
1 Beef Liver flavour or Chicken flavour (for dogs) 
1 Chicken flavour or Salmon flavour (for cats)

** The Season of Giving **

Donate to#Cause4PawsTO


From Our Furbabies to Yours
Have a Very Merry Christmas & A Safe and Happy New Year

Good Luck!

Entrants Commenting Anonymously – Please IdentifyYourself!

PureBites Review #Natural


Canadian Basics

Everyone knows about my dog, Darby but I also have a beautiful brown long haired Siamese named Coco.

Both Darby and Coco are a big part of our family.

To us they are more than pets, so we love to give them the best food they can have with no additives.

When we were asked for Darby and Coco to try PureBites, I was excited to see if they enjoyed them.

Sometimes they can be pretty picky with their treats.

PureBites are all natural freeze dried treats for dogs and cats.

Your furbabies will enjoy the taste of PureBites!

Canadian Basics(photo bomb by Darby)

Some of the benefits include:

Healthy Skin & Coat

Grain Free

Great for Restricted Diets

Low Calories


High Protein

Canadian Basics

I gave Darby one of his PureBites Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats first.

He wouldn’t calm down enough to let me get it to him.

He ate it so fast and was looking for more!

Then I gave him PureBites Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Dog Treats.

Just like the first one he gobbled it up.

I would say that he loved them. (But that would be an understatement.)




Canadian Basics

Then I called Coco to come and have her treats.

While I was trying to give Coco her PureBites Freeze Dried Wild Pacific Salmon Cat Treat, Darby tried to take it.

So I ended up having to give him another one of his treats to leave her alone. (Note for next time, give them their treats at the same time!)

Coco licked the treat at first.

Then ate it up!

She looked like she was searching for more. So I take it she loved it! ( I will say it does have a strong fish smell, so you can tell it is really fish.)

Then I gave her some PureBites Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Cat Treats.

She ate it up so quickly.


From how quickly they both ate their PureBites up, I will say I will be purchasing these in the future for both of them!

You can locate what store near you has PureBites  CLICK HERE

Order online CLICK HERE

PureBites are available in U.S. and Canada

If you aren’t happy with the PureBites product, contact PureBites and they will either refund your money or exchange the product!

***I received PureBites to review but the opinions on this page are my own.