Lakota Back Pain Combo Pack Giveaway

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Do you suffer from back pain?

Have you tried Lakota?

When it comes to pain relief, trust Lakota to quickly, effectively, and naturally relieve your pain.

pain pills

pain roll

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Lakota is a blend of traditional herbal medicines: white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw; combined with modern, natural ingredients: glucosamine and type II collagen.

An all natural source medicine that works!!

Lakota helps with:

Arthritis pain

Back pain

Muscle pain

Sleep aids

Diabetic pain

Canine Joint pain

You can purchase Lakota products HERE 

Lakota on Facebook CLICK HERE

Lakota on Twitter CLICK HERE 


Lakota is offering one lucky Canadian Basics fan a Back Pain Combo Pack ( includes 1 Back Pain Roll On, 1 Triple Action Back Pain Caps, and 1 Joint Care 60s Caps) Good Luck!

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Who wants to Win $25.00 CAD Starbucks Card eGift to spend on your favorite drink??


Who wants to Win $25.00 CAD Starbucks Card eGift

to spend on your favorite drink??


Coupon Nannie  & Country Mamma here on Coupon Nannie & Canadian Basics are giving ONE lucky Fan a chance to score this Awesome Gift Card!!

I do not have a Starbucks anywhere close at all!. I recently (like 10 minutes ago) was sent an ecard for Starbucks for my participation in a review! I didn’t redeem it yet! It’s going to belong to one of YOU!!!!

It’s so simple!  We are gearing things up for the New Year to make things easier for you to find the things you need, adding new great features and savings!!

Simply have a look around the 2 blogs !

Coupon Nannie

Canadian Basics

Every comment on any blog post on either site is an Entry!!! The more comments the more entries!!

What can you comment? If you like something, if you wish there was a change you wish we would make, if you think it’s a good idea or if you have something additional to add:) If something is expired; let us know!!

The MORE Comments the MORE Chances!!

On  Wednesday December 18th at the end of the night, we’ll pick one random comment that has been placed on either Canadian Basics or Coupon Nannie from right now until than to receive this gift card!!

So Simple!!

So browse around, enter some comments, claim some coupons, try some DIY’s and help us help you!!


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Kernels Holiday Tins Review & Giveaway

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We love popcorn in our house!

We love it plain, buttered or flavoured!



Depending on the Kernels store you visit, they have a variety of tin designs!

Something for everyone on your Christmas list!

I chose two small Holiday tins! I love Christmas and these tins were perfect!

There are many other designs to choose from!


The Holiday tins are reusable which is a great gift giving idea because your family and friends will enjoy them for years to come!

I purchased the ones that look like paint cans with a design on them!

You can even get the large Holiday tins that various holiday designs on them, like snowflakes, winter scene, deer, pine tree.

They hold more then one flavour of popcorn if you wish!


When you pick a small Holiday tin , you receive one flavour of Kernels popcorn.

We picked Christmas Cheer, which is a mixture of Creamy Caramel and Red Raspberry which is a great combination!

And we also picked Creamy Creamy Caramel! Can you tell I am a caramel fan?

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Spencer loved Kickin’ Ketchup! Normally he doesn’t eat this much popcorn but it proves yet again that if ketchup is on it then he will eat it.

Hayley loved Christmas Cheer! She keeps requesting I put it in her lunch for school.

I love when the kids find something they enjoy because my children are very picky when it comes to all foods!


Mike and I are loving the popcorn already made around the house in different flavours! Makes it easy for us to enjoy our favourite snack! And I love these tins that I will be able to keep filling up and enjoying them for our Christmas decor for years to come!

Kernels makes gift giving so easy with their  Holiday tins!

And if your family member or friend is a big Christmas person , like I am, then the Holiday tins are a great gift for them this holiday season!

Snowflake Tin

Kernels wants to give a Canadian Basics fan, a chance to enjoy some popcorn and even pick yourself up a tin this Holiday season!

Enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card for Kernels!

Canada Only

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Manitoba Harvest and Hemp Foods Review And Giveaway! #contest #review

My family LOVED trying Manitoba Harvest & Hemp Foods Hemp Hearts!

They tried it on salad, yogurt and even ice cream!


The hemp seeds were soft and since didn’t over power the taste of the food they put on!

The great thing about them is they have nutrients like fibre, iron, phosphorous, and folate acid and a long list of others!

CLICK HERE  to read what Hemp Hearts contain! And how they are healthy for you!

It is so easy to add these nutrients and vitamins to your daily eating by adding a few hemp hearts!

It is also good for children as well!


Some easy to make recipes are located HERE!

Use the recipes to make healthy foods for yourself and your family!

If you are having trouble locating the nearest place to purchase Hemp foods or oils CLICK HERE  for the locator or to order online CLICK HERE



Manitoba Harvest and Hemp Foods is on Facebook and Twitter!

Manitoba  Harvest and Hemp Foods is giving away a 227g bag of Hemp Hearts to a Canadian Basics fan!

Good Luck!!


Parissa Body Sugar Review and Sugar Wax Essential Kit Giveaway!!

The reveiw I did recently was for Parissa-Natural Hair Removal Systems, for their Body Sugar product.  I will say I am not one for waxing and I have never done it to myself!

So as a newbie I was nervous.

When I informed them of this , they were great! Informed me of the 888 number for Parissa Care-line!

It is also on their boxes and instructions! They want you to call if you need any help at all!

That number is 1-888-986-9974

When I got the wax kit, I have to say the instructions are very easy there is also pictures on it! Also they come in different languages to also help!




Since the instructions were so simple I followed them exactly step by step with no trouble.

I used the microwave for the sugar wax. I placed the sugar wax in a microwaveable bowl and heated it for 20 seconds. I made sure it was cool to the touch before placing it on me. (You can also heat it by a hot plate or by a reading lamp but I figured a microwave would be the fastest way for me since I don’t have a hot plate)

I placed the strip on my skin. I was nervous.  I was worried it would hurt!

my first try!
my first try!


I braced myself and pulled the strip exactly how they show you in the instructions. And surprisingly it didn’t hurt me. I have felt worse getting a needle!

So I was fine to continue waxing my legs! It worked great! I recommend trying the Parissa sugar wax kit! My legs are smooth and you don’t have to worry for up to 6 weeks about it!

I am going to stick with Parissa Body Sugar! (maybe as time goes on I will try the other kits that are available too!)

Also the strips are reusable! Just wash the strip off and dry! That simple!!


To check out more of Parissa-Natural Hair Removal Systems products and kits check out their website at

Also on Facebook at

And Twitter at @parissawax

They also have a girl talk area on their website! Great place also to ask questions!! Click HERE

ALSO Parissa- Natural Hair Removal Systems is offering Canadian Basics fans a chance to win a Parissa Sugar Wax Essentials Kit!!

The kit includes:

Face & Body Sugar 140ml / 5floz: Natural & water-soluble, this gentle hair remover can be used on any part of your face or body. Ideal for beginners.

Azulene Oil 60ml / 2floz: A hypo-allergenic moisturizing oil to prevent ingrown hair and discourage re-growth.

Warmer: Keep your product at the right temperature and fluidity for the entire time you’re using it – no more running back to the microwave!. (120 V)

Professional Spatula: With its fine edge and flexibility our spatula gives you precise control for perfect results every time.

Exfoliating Glove: Use when bathing to massage away dead skin cells & prevent ingrown hair.


Good Luck! And don’t forget to thanks Parissa – Natural Hair Removal Systems for this great giveaway!!

~Country Momma
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Lakota Giveaway

Do you have a lot of muscle aches? Tired of over the counter medicines to sooth those aches?

Lakota may be the product you for you!

It is a great alternative to prescription drugs by working to naturally relieve your joint, muscle, back, and arthritis pain.

Lakota is a blend of traditional herbal medicines: white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw; combined with modern, natural ingredients: glucosamine and type II collagen.

Check out the Lakota website for more information on different products they offer for joint, muscle, back and arthritis pain HERE

Lakota is offering Canadian Basic fans Muscle Pain Combo Pack ~ includes 1 Muscle Pain Roll On, 1 Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Caps, and 1 Joint Care 60s Caps for our giveaway!

Good Luck!


* Be sure to follow the directions on the packaging and/or website

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Origami Earring Review and Giveaway!

I was contacted to do a review on Origami earrings and I jumped at the chance because I love to promote small businesses and I love interesting products to share to our fans!

I had Hayley (my 12 year old) pick the pair of earrings she wanted to review. (I no longer am able to wear earrings because my holes closed up. One day I will quit being a chicken and get them done again!)

Hayley picked the Origami Sitting Baby Elephants. (she had a hard time picking! She kept going back and forth until she settled on the baby elephants)

When they arrived Hayley saw them and said “oh Mommy, who ever did these is very talented!”

She wore them to school the whole day with no problems at all! She loves them! Hayley is the type who doesn’t like earrings in her ears often but she was excited to wear these earrings!

Check out the wide range of Origami earrings on Fmoondesign Etsy Page!

These earrings are a great gift for any occasion! I have never seen any earrings like these! And makes me want to get my ears pierced again just so I can buy a few for myself!

Fmoondesign is giving a Canadian Basics fan a chance to win their own set of Baby Elephant earrings!! So be sure to enter at the bottom of this blog!

Good Luck!!

~Country Momma




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Zax's Original Dark-Circle Eye Cream ! Review, Giveaway & Coupon :)


I had the pleasure of reviewing Zax’s Original  Dark-Circle Eye Cream.

I have dark circles under my eyes. I hate the dark-circles but also don’t want to have to wear make-up all the time to cover them up.

When I received the package I also got bonus sample set of Zax’s Original Heelspur Cream and Bruise Cream! You can go to Zax’s Original and order a sample set of 3 of your own and all you have to do is pay the shipping to try them out! ($4.95 S&H) Click HERE to check them out!


I have been using the Zax’s Original Dark-Circle Eye Cream for a week and can see a difference. It will take time for my the dark-circles to go away but the cream does seem to be helping quite a bit! I am very glad that this product has been working so well! To be  honest I have never tried Zax’s Original previous to this review, but they found a new customer in me!  I look forward to trying the other creams out as well! (I haven’t had a bruise yet, which is odd for me! But when I do I will try my sample set! )


Here are some of the ingredients in Zax’s Original Dark-Circle Eye Cream that help with dark-circles:

Witch Hazel –  is a natural astringent, its tannins help reduce dark circles under eyes, puffiness and swelling.

Caffeine – is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can effectively reduce the amount of swelling throughout the under eye area by constricting blood vessels.

Niacinamide – is a unique form of Vitamin B3 that is an effective skin-lightening compound and is also good for aging skin.

Cucumber Extract –  at higher concentrations than just using cucumber slices, this extract soothes and moisturizes the areas around the eye.

and the great thing about Zak’s Original Cream is it is made in Canada!

You can order it online HERE

Zax’s Original Cream is also available at

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Rexall Pharma Plus
  • Pharmaprix

If you can’t find Zax’s Original Creams email and they will be happy to assist you!

Also there is a $2.00 coupon available on their website for Zak’s Original HERE!!

Zax’s Original is giving away one bottle of Zax’s Original Dark Circle Eye Cream to one lucky Canadian Basics fan!

Good Luck!

~Country Momma

***Only Open To Canadians



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Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) Information and Giveaway!!

When I was looking for more eco-friendly places for our lovely blog here. I looked to Google to see what we have in Ontario. I found out we have a great place right in our province that recycles tires for turning them into products for your home, yard and community! The Ontario Tire Stewardship!

I don’t know about you , but I love recycled product. I also love the fact that OTS Used Tires Program eliminates the use of burning tires or putting tires in our landfills! This will not just benefit the air we breathe now but for future generations!

Here are some amazing facts about the OTS Used Tires Program

  • OTS is exceeding its objectives, and
    reached an exciting milestone of diverting its 50 millionth tire in Ontario in 2013!
  • Illegal dumping of tires has been virtually eliminated in the province thanks
    to the introduction of the program!
  • OTS has cleaned up 500,000 tire piles across Ontario!
  • Eco-friendly tire-derived products can take the form of rubber mulch, floor underlay, fitness
    flooring, outdoor pavers, roof shakes and new auto parts.These
    products are often much more durable and easier to install than common alternatives, withstand extreme temperatures and do not leach harmful toxins into our environment and much more!

For more facts check out this great fact sheet!

To find a Registered Tire Collector in your area click HERE! There is no tire disposal fee for dropping them off! It also tells you what they accept and don’t accept at that location! I found 3 locations in my small town! That is great news since I am looking at getting new tires soon so I need to dispose of my old ones!!

Here are some products you can purchased made from Recycled Rubber Tires:


For more information on the OTS program you can check out their website at

It is full of information of the OTS Used Tire Program! I hope you pass this information on to your friends and family members because this program benefits all of us!

The wonderful people at OTS want to offer Canadian Basic fans a chance to win 2 tickets to the National Woman’s Show in Toronto!

Be sure to thank them and stop by their booth at the National Woman’s Show if you win the tickets or if you are already going! OTS booth number is 1312.

Good Luck!!


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