PUR Gum ~ New Flavour Review


I was excited to be asked to try the two new flavours that PUR gum has coming out!

I have tried PUR gum in the past so I know that aspartame-free , non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut free and diabetic friendly! (All this makes this mommy very happy!)

PUR is perfect for any special diet!


We received 2 new flavours, Cinnamon and Coolmint.

I am a big cinnamon gum fan. I love the hot feeling in my mouth. I need it to last as well.

So when the package arrived, I decided to try out the Cinnamon first.

I loved it is a perfect amount of heat and it lasted!

Mike and I were sitting on the porch playing cribbage, and one piece of gum lasted for 3 games!

I tried the Coolmint and it is a nice minty flavour but truthfully I love the “hot”.

My kids on the other hand are new fans of the Coolmint! They actually took over those packs. (I think I managed to get 2 gums out of 2 packs. lol)

They told me this was their new favourite gum! So guess we all found new flavours of PUR gum to enjoy!

my gum

PUR gum flavours are solid flavours. They aren’t the kind of flavours that die out after a few minutes, like some gums do.

They are bold and really make your tastebuds come alive!

What PUR flavour would you like to try?

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I received a sample of this product to try for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

Warming weather is coming ~ Tips to keep your pet safe! ~

3669_10152746297750078_620872235_nThese are some of my fur babies 🙂

Under the law they are considered property 🙁 They are living, breathing creatures that have feelings and feel pain.

With Summer coming here are some tips to keep your pet safe.

  • Do not leave your pet in a vehicle, even with the windows down a bit. It’s like leaving them in a roasted oven.  ~ Do a test ` sit in the car with the windows rolled completely up~ Sit there for 5 minutes ~ Ask yourself how do you feel? Now imagine a dog has fur or hair on top of that ~ Leave your pet at home if you cannot keep them with you~
  • Keep your pet trimmed and combed well to ensure they do not have matts of hair or excess hair that will make it much warmer for them.
  • Pets need lots of Fresh Water ! I often put a few ice cubes in it to keep it cooler longer.
  • Do not let your pet sit on your lap while driving ~ please tell me what happens to  your pet if you need to slam on your breaks? Exactly!
  • Do not let your pet hang out the window ~ again what happens if you need to slam on your breaks?
  • Invest in a proper harness to clip to the seat belt to properly keep your dog safe so in th even of an accident; he or she will be much safer!
  • In hotter weather, try feeding your dog earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler; just like you when it’s hotter sometimes you don’t feel like eating; neither does your pet.
  • I often keep pieces of water melon with me in the car.