Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

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Saving Money with Groupon Coupons


I love being frugal when it comes to purchasing products and services. I always check Groupon first to try to find great deal on products and service. Now with Groupon Coupons, you can find deals for your online or in-store shopping.

I love heading to Kohl’s when I go to Port Huron Michigan. Groupon Coupons has a coupon right now for Kohl’s for getting 15% off your next order online or in-store. What a great deal! (And an excuse to hit Kohl’s.)

Other great stores on Groupon Coupons are:

And many many more.

My next vacation is with just Mike and I to Ohio. We are booking it with through Groupon Coupons for our night in Canton and Cleveland to get a great deal!  Saving money on a hotel room means we can spend more on dining out or seeing attractions. It also makes me feel better to know we aren’t breaking a bank with a weekend away.

Whatever you are looking for Groupon Coupons may have a coupon you can use for in-store or online. If you are like me and do about 75% of your shopping online, then it is easy as a click of the mouse to get to Groupon Coupons. Keep it bookmarked so it is even easier pull up when I need it.

Saving Money with Groupon Coupon

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What is your favourite store that you look for on Groupon Coupons?


Get A Great Deal On Your Next Vacation! Big or Small – Save Money with VacationXplorer!!

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I love going on trips either with the whole family or just Mike!

I go on mini trips the most to places like Toronto or Niagara Falls with the whole family.

And even when we go on mini trips, I like finding the best deal for my hotel!

Last year we saved money on our trip to Chicago for our 4 night stay at the hotel!

And next year, Mike and I plan on going to Vegas in the spring.

I will be checking the great rates out on VacationXplorer powered by Ask, for our airfare and hotel!

I also love that it has restaurant reviews and guides to help you plan your trip!



Some of the great things you can locate with VacationXplorer:

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A great way to plan your next trip, big or small!

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