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Modern Oats is taking a boring breakfast up a notch. Starting with the highest grade of gluten-free, Non-GMO Verified perfect oats and paring with delicious blends of fruits and nuts. Modern Oats has carefully chosen family farmers and plant in fields where no wheat is subject to cross contamination. Modern Oats knows that an estimated 21,000,000 Americans require Gluten-Free diet and they are Certified Gluten Free. Modern Oats is Vegan certified and also carries “Non-GMO Project Verified Seal”. Meaning their verification is an assurance that a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance. Now you have a chance to win 2 cases of these stellar oats!

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Natur-a Review and Coupon Giveaway!

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My daughter Hayley has been lactose intolerant since she was born.

In the beginning, she couldn’t have any dairy.

Now that she is older she can handle a small amount.

But she loves things like Chocolate or Strawberry milk.

So it is hard to tell a kid, no more when they enjoy something like dairy, to stop drinking it.


When Hayley was a baby, 12 years ago, there wasn’t as much soy based products.

We really struggled to find soy products.

Now I can’t believe the amount of stuff they have!

The best was finding small containers of strawberry and chocolate milk!

Hayley was taste testing the Natur-a Organic Fortified Soy Beverage in Chocolate and Strawberry.  She says “It doesn’t even taste like I am drinking soy milk. I taste the favour and not the soy. Which I am loving. I love the Strawberry Soy Mlk the best! “

We got these small containers at Real Canadian Superstore, which makes a great drink for the kids lunches for school!

As a mom, I love giving my kids healthier products in their lunches.


Natur-a Benefits:

  • No lactose and Gluten Free

  • Natural source of Omega-3 and folic acid

  • High in protein and calcium

  • Contains 50 mg of soy isoflavones per serving

  • Contains 16 essential nutrients

  • No cholesterol, no trans fats

  • Low in saturated fat

  • Low in sodium

  • No preservatives

  • Not made from concentrate

  • Certified organic, kosher and vegan

  • GMO-free <<<<big PLUS on my list!

  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly

  • Keeps for up to 7 days when refrigerated after opening

For me, I loved the rice milk for my tea or my cereal!

Since I am on dialysis (which means I am on a special Kidney diet) , I am only allowed one serving of dairy a day!

That’s almost impossible for me!

But with rice milk, I can drink as much as I wish!


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Also Natur-a has given us 1 $1 coupon, 2 75cent coupons and 3 50cent coupons to give to a Canadian Basics Fan!

We are also going to throw in a $10 PC gift card to also help you pick up a few cartons of Natur-a from RCSS!

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Naosap Harvest ~ Organic Wild Rice Review and Giveaway!!

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Lately I have been reading the amount of “bad” stuff is in the foods we eat.

It explains why more of us are having food allergies and issues with our health.

In the past I was one to make a meal using the ingredients that made my cooking time shorter.

Now since I have been sick with Kidney Failure, I am watching what I eat and what my family eats more and more.

I was excited to try Naosap Harvest products for that reason.

Before I even received my review package, I checked out their website and saw that their products had No Gmo, it is  certified Organic!

That really peaked my interest, so I became more excited to try these products!




When the package arrived I received 1lb of Organic Wild Rice Flour (which is great for the baker in me.) , 1lb of 1 Pound Organic Wild Rice Linguine and 2lbs of  Organic Wild Rice. and a small package of Hemp Hearts.

Right away I was trying to think of ideas to make with these products.

I checked out their recipe area! Quite a few excellent recipes but I wanted to make something that would be a normal nightly dish for the family. I wanted to see if the taste changed at all.

CLICK HERE to check various recipe ideas on the Naosap Harvest site


photo(81)The first thing I decided to make was Chicken Alfredo with Organic Wild Rice Linguine.

I was nervous about this, because while I would eat whole wheat pasta in the past, Mike (my husband) was always complaining he didn’t like it and wanted white pasta.

Mike doesn’t like me changing his food up too much.

I cooked up the meal and gave him a plate with a side salad.

He LOVED it! He was wishing there was more!

Mike is a picky eater. So for him to say he loved an item.  It was a hit out of the ballpark for the Organic Wild Rice Linguine!

Thank you Naosap Harvest!

I found something healthy that both my family and I can agree to eat!


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Next I wanted to try the Organic Wild Rice.

I love to bake! I am not one for cooking but baking I can spend all day doing!

I had bananas that I wanted to use for some Banana bread.

I have never used rice flour. So I didn’t know how it would affect the recipe or if it would.

I added my ingredients and put it in the oven in the baking pan.

When it came out I waited until they cooled and then tried one.

It tasted exactly how my banana bread always tasted!

My kids can’t tell the difference! (Mike hasn’t been home yet to try it but I doubt he will see a difference either!)




I love that I can have good organic ingredients for my cooking and baking and not notice a change!

A great way to have a healthier lifestyle!

And another great bonus is all these products are Canadian made!





PUR Gum Review – Perfect For ALL Special Diets!!

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Myself and my kids loved PUR Gum!
And I am sure you and your family will love it as much as us!




When the package arrived we received 4 different flavours:

  • Wintergreen Gum

  • Pomegranate Mint Gum

  • Spearmint Gum

  • Peppermint Gum

Even though we enjoyed them all! We each had our favourite flavours!

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Hayley (my 12 year old) loved the fruity mint flavour of Pomegranate Mint Gum. She said it tasted exactly like pomegranates and not that fake tasting flavour that some fruity gums have but it still gave her a
fresh breath feeling with the mint. She ended up having almost the whole pack and shared it with her best friend!


Myself , I liked the Spearmint Gum and Peppermint Gum the best! I like a gum a stronger mint flavour so these were perfect for me.  I am always chewing gum so I think I found a new brand that I will be using for now on!!


Spencer’s  (my 8 year old) favourite was Wintergreen Gum! He is a boy of few words so he just gave me two thumbs up on this one! lol

I love that PUR Gum is a healthier choice of chewing gum!

PUR Gum is sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally-occuring sugar alcohol and a healthy alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners!!


PUR gum is gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, non-gmo, celiac, diabetic friendly, dairy free and safe for pregnant moms!

As a parent that makes me happy! Not only do I not worry giving my children this, but also their friends with special diets!


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